Some People Believe That Studying In A College Or University Is The Best Way For Students To Prepare For Their Future Career | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that studying in a college or university is the best way for students to prepare for their future career. Others think they should leave school as soon as possible to develop their career through work experience.  Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

People have various opinions about how they should develop their career. While some suggest that students should participate in professional activities at an early age, others insist that tertiary education is the most effective method. I understand the importance of practical work experience; however, in my opinion, preparing students with high levels of education is more beneficial for their career prospects.

Work experience is certainly important. However, if students discontinue studies after high school, they can only work perhaps as a waiter or a newspaper boy. They will probably also be able to assist a mason or a carpenter and gain expertise in those professions. These professions do not require academic knowledge and young people who start pursuing them immediately after high school will have gained considerable mastery in them by the time they become adults. Unfortunately, these are low paying professions. Also, by quitting studies they jeopardize the opportunity to find a good job in future.

On the other hand, others emphasize the importance of high level of education such as college and university. The main reason for this is that students can have better and more opportunities to develop their profession to the fullest. Students are equipped with profound knowledge and insights through the education. Thus, students with tertiary education are more likely to be hired for complex jobs than those who have only high school or secondary school qualification. To illustrate, fresh college graduates who majored in business administration can be involved in setting up marketing strategies. Contrary to this, even if high school graduates can be accepted into the same department, their job will be confined to assisting the marketing team by booking a conference room and ordering stationary for them. As fresh graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or more engage in difficult tasks, they have the likelihood of earning higher income and having a more stable life than those who discontinued studies after high school.

In conclusion, I moderately support the idea of pursuing a professional career as early as possible because it is instrumental for students to become an expert; however, I contend that higher level education is much more advantageous to students because the higher the level of education students are equipped with, the more they are likely to have a stable life because tertiary education can guarantee more income than secondary education.

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