Some People Believe That Sports Competitions Are A Source Of Emotional Stress For Young People | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that sport competitions are a source of emotional stress for young people. Therefore, youth should be banned from participating in sport competitions. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Stress levels are on the rise among young people. Some people claim that the major source of this pressure is sports competitions. They believe adolescents should be prevented from participating in those events. However, I oppose this statement. In my opinion, banning youths from sports events is not the right solution for this issue.

Preventing teenagers from taking part in sports competitions is not only an impractical but also a detrimental measure. Sports competition is believed to be an effective way to inspire young people’s interest in sports. Banning youths from participating in sports competitions may make sports less attractive for young people. Many young people, therefore, may not be able to realise the importance of playing / participating in sports. Consequently, an increasing number of young people might suffer from a variety of health problems due to the lack of exercise. Additionally, we are living in an age of cut-throat competitions. Preventing young people from learning to handle the stress brought about by sports competitions may make them vulnerable to tougher competitions in their future career life.

Furthermore, participating in sports competitions is not the major cause of stress among young people. Instead, it is a effective method of releasing stress. In contemporary society, most young people are stressed out because of their study or work. Participating in sports / playing games with others is the easiest way to release their pressure after work or school / office or school hours. During sports competitions, they can cultivate their sense of teamwork and collaboration. They can also improve their communication skills and make friends with others. It must be admitted that participating in competitions will inevitably result in some extra stress on the participants. Nonetheless, this can be regarded as a good practice for young people to improve their mental fitness.

To conclude, sports competitions are not the major source of emotional stress for young people. Therefore, preventing youths from taking part in sports competitions is not a solution for the stress problem of young people in the current scenario.

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