Some People Believe That Schools Should Include Competitive Sports As A Subject

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According to some people competitive sports should be included in the school curriculum as an important subject whereas others think that it can be disadvantageous to kids. I think this move has more pros than cons and hence in my opinion schools ought to have competitive sports as a subject.

When competitive sports such as football or swimming is part of the school curriculum, students benefit in several ways. Firstly, playing a sport can make youngsters fitter and more athletic and this will improve their physical health not only in their childhood but also in their adulthood. Better still, it can even improve their grades. Studies have shown that physical activity boosts brain development and make children smarter and sharper. Therefore, children who do sports will be physically and mentally healthier than those who do not engage in regular physical exercises. Moreover, playing a team sport such as football develops team spirit in children and teaches them how to work towards a common goal. These are skills essential for their success in future.

On the other hand, having competitive sports as a subject in schools can lead to some problems as well. Children can sustain injuries while playing football or basketball. In addition, some children do not have any aptitude for sports. Nor do they have the physical stamina or agility. If sport is a compulsory sport, they will also have to play. This can be physically and mentally stressful for them. It can even hurt their health and self confidence. Another disadvantage is that some children will become obsessed with winning all the time.

In conclusion, making competitive sports a part of the school curriculum can bring both benefits and drawbacks for school children. However, in my opinion, the benefits of playing a sport at school outweigh the downsides and hence schools should implement this policy for the sake of children.

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