Some People Believe That Professionals Such As Doctors And Engineers Should Be Required To Work In The Country Where They Did Their Training | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

professionals should work in the country where they did their training

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According to some people it must be mandatory for medical or engineering professionals to work in the country where they did their studies. Others, however, disagree with this view. In my opinion, there are merits and demerits to both sides of the argument.

When highly qualified professionals work in their homeland where they completed their education, it benefits their country in so many ways. First, these people have expertise that helps them work for the development of their nation. By contrast, if they all move to other countries, their nation will face a shortage of talent which in turn will hurt its growth. Another argument against them leaving their country is that their motherland had spent a lot of money on their education. If they simply leave after graduating, it is a loss for their country. So, obviously, there are reasons to encourage or even force these people to work in their country.

On the other hand, there are also people who believe that professionals should have the freedom to work where they want. This argument, too, has its merit. After all, in order to become a certified doctor or engineer, young people have to study hard for several years. Not everyone gets a scholarship or full fee waiver. So, they also spend a lot of money on their education. Many students have to borrow money to fund their studies. Hence, they have a legitimate right to move to a country of their choice after completing their studies.

In my opinion, both arguments are valid to some extent and I personally believe that professionals should be allowed to work where they want. Migration usually happens from developing to developed countries. In many nations, there are not enough opportunities for talented professionals. That is the main reason people move to other countries. For example, every year India produces numerous highly qualified professionals. Unfortunately, there are not enough jobs for all of them. Hence, the government of India does not discourage its people from going abroad when they get good opportunities. Another advantage is that non-resident Indians send huge amounts of money to support their dependents back home. They invest in property and thus indirectly help the local economy grow even though they are working abroad.

To sum up, there are certainly some reasons to encourage people to work in the country where they studied. However, in my opinion, if good opportunities are not available in their homeland, professionals should be allowed to migrate. Of course, to prevent a shortage of talent, the government can make it mandatory for these people to work in their home country for some years, say five, before moving abroad.

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