Some People Believe That Preserving Natural Environment Is Crucial But Most Make No Effort To Do So | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial; however, most make no effort to do so. Why do you think this is happening? What are some simple actions that could help the environment?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is commonly believed that preservation of environment is imperative, yet most people do absolutely nothing to save the planet. In this essay, I will first highlight certain problems which deteriorate our “Mother Earth” and then discuss the possible remedies for it.

To begin with, lack of awareness programmes in schools is the foremost reason why the vast majority of masses tend to neglect environmental issues. Needless to say, unlike in the developed countries, school pupils of developing countries barely get educated about crucial issues pertaining to environment. For instance, in Pakistan, the school curriculum does not include lessons on environment. As a result, children become negligent and tend to take the environment for granted. If schools had made it mandatory to teach the subjects like, waste management and recycling, young people would grow up with a sense of responsibility towards the preservation of natural resources. Thus, local education commissions should take numerous initiatives to include environmental sciences in educational syllabus.

Similarly, corporations barely demonstrate a sense of commitment towards saving the planet from destruction. For example, despite the rules and regulations imposed by the government, factories exploit the legal loopholes and dump hazardous waste in the sea. Similarly, smoke from industrial chimneys is believed to be the major cause of global warming. This is because the companies ignore the long-term effects of such actions on our future generations for the sake of some short term gains. If establishments and manufacturers had taken, the detrimental effects of industrial pollution, in to consideration, planet earth would be cleaner and greener.

To conclude, although preserving the natural resources is of immense importance, the educational bodies and corporate entities seem ignorant of this fact. If the children obtain theoretical and practical knowledge about this issue, and companies take responsibility of their waste management procedures, we can save the planet from further deterioration.

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  1. saini says:

    It goes without saying that environment is the greatest blessing of nature to mankind and it is our prime duty to protect it for the coming generation.But as humanity is progressing, natural environment is depleting. A group of individuals believe that though it is the need of an hour but efforts of human beings are not upto the mark. In this essay, i will explicate why it is happening and which actions can be taken to protect the environment.

    Time has come to preserve the environment because rate of global warming is increasing day by day. As a result, polar ice is melting, water level of seas and oceans is increasing at an alarming rate. Climate change affecting the whole world. Ozone layer is becoming thinner every day.

    But It appears that no relevant actions are taken by nations in this scenario. There are solid reasons that support this thinking. The first and foremost reason is that lack of awareness. In most of the countries , specially developing countries people are not aware about causes of pollution, how it is polluting the environment and how it can be protected. For example, still people are using plastic at high level without knowing its harmful effects on the environment. Secondly, governments are not taking serious actions. They are putting whole efforts in developing the infrastructure of their countries and have no budget to spend saving the environment. Thirdly, lack of campaigns are also responsible for this situations.
    There are some actions which can be taken. At the top is awareness campaigns. People should be educated regarding the harmful effects of the pollution how it can be controlled. Use of plastic and cutting trees should be banned completely. What is more, renewable energy resources should be used. In addition to it, half of the budget should be used on environment. It would help to kill two birds with one stone. Strict penalties should come into force who deplete the environment.
    In the conclusion, it is true that action for protection of natural environment are minimised and together governments and people responsible for this . but it can be sorted by taking collaborative actions.

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