Some People Believe That People Should Not Stay In Hotels, Since Living In Such Places Enables Them Not To Get Access To Local Culture | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that people should not stay in hotels, since living in such places enables them not to get access to local culture. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Staying at hotels is most people’s option, when they are traveling in other places, and under this circumstance, some people believe that they should not stay in such places, since in these places, they cannot obtain knowledge about local culture. Compared to home stay, in hotels tourists’ exposure to local culture is less; however, I believe that the question of whether they should stay at hotels or not depends on their individual circumstances / situation.

It is true that there are several lines of evidence supporting the view that people should not opt for hotels during their trips, since it will prevent them from gaining knowledge of local culture. To be more specific, in hotels, people get almost no chance of interacting with locals and observing their life styles, which is considered as the most common way of acquiring access to domestic culture. By contrast, if travelers stay at homestays, they can obtain such access easily by communicating with local owners of the housing directly and understanding their beliefs and customs.

However, I believe that this should not be made as the standard choice of accommodation for travelers. To commence with, the way of obtaining this knowledge is not confined to staying at homestay, and conversely, they can obtain such knowledge in several other ways such as visiting local museums where they can get easy access to some exhibits which depict the local culture and interacting with locals when visiting some famous travelling sites. In addition, when people are travelling alone, staying at hotels is a better choice, since in these places, security officers work round the clock, and thus, their security can be ensured.

In conclusion, people should make their life choices based on their own situation, and even if they are staying at hotels during their journeys, they can still obtain knowledge of local culture.

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