Some People Believe That Olympic Games Do Not Belong To The 21st Century Anymore | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe the Olympic Games don’t belong to the 21st century anymore. To What extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that Olympic Games are not relevant in the current century anymore. This essay completely disagrees with the statement because platforms like Olympics are necessary to preserve and promote sports to next generations and there is no bigger stage than Olympics to prove your talent in sports.

An Olympic medal is considered as the highest honor by any sports person. Every country sends its most talented people to Olympics to compete with other nations. Olympics administrative board comprises of representatives from all nations and decisions are taken in the interest of promoting sports. Many sports events are about to go extinct and events like Olympics helps to promote that sport to younger generations. According to Sunday Times, every 2 out 5 common people are inspired to start playing sports after watching Olympics.

Olympics is so far the biggest stage to prove talent in any sports. Olympics is a kind of stage where sports people get together and exchange their culture. It not only improves exposure to sports but also helps individuals to exchange culture with fellow participants. 160 individual categories and 50 group category sports are included in the Olympics and the best of the talents compete together to achieve the medal. Winning a medal is a proud moment not only for the individual but also for the country.

In conclusion, events like Olympics are necessary to promote the sports to the next generation and also to motivate sports individuals to compete against the best.

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  1. Ada says:

    Some people argue that the Olympic Games are no longer important for this new era. This essay disagrees with the statement because the Olympic Games are one of the biggest events for athletes to showcase their high ability in sports and the Games provide a great opportunity to people to explore the world of sports through different competitions.

    All professional athletes spend tones of time in trainings in order to receive frame by winning in any international competitions. Among all international competitions, the Olympic Games, which are held every four years, are one of the most important events for these sportsmen to show their talent to the world. The honour and pride that are received by the medal winners compensate the hard work they have gone through in their daily training. Lee Lai Shan, the first and the only Olympic gold medalist in Hong Kong, had surprised the world with her talent in windsurfing. The happiness of receiving the medal did not only fill in Ms Lee, but also be found at every corner of Hong Kong.

    Every four years, millions of people around the world watch the events in the Olympic Games which provide them a chance to expose to different types of sports. During the Games, most of the competitions are broadcasted on television all over the world. While watching the exciting games, professional interpreters explain the rules and regulations of the sports which help develop better cognition of that sports . If audience know more about the sports, they may be more interested in it; and hence increase their motivation to learn and take part in the sports. A research, which was carried out after the 2012 London Olympic Games, found that the participation rate of certain sports, such as archery and badminton, increased sharply after the Games.

    In conclusion, the Olympic Games are still relevant to this new century because professional sportsmen can show their best performance in the competitions and people can develop interest in playing different sports after watching the Games.

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