Some People Believe That Nowadays We Have Too Many Choices | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

According to some people the modern life provides us with an overwhelming number of options. I completely agree with that point because I believe the era of the internet and globalization has given us an incredible amount of alternatives and this is both good and bad. On the one hand, it has made products available at cheap rates; on the other hand, it leads to impulse buying.

It is undeniable that the World Wide Web has led to dramatic availability of data and different services. Before the Internet information was a precious resource and people made efforts to gain it through books and education whereas currently we are rather forced to filter its stream so as not to get burdened by it. For example, earlier people used television with a limited choice of channels for entertainment while today we are able to watch whatever we like on demand and often for free.

Alongside the influence of the internet, technical advance and globalization have eliminated barriers in international trade and transportation. The wide choice of foreign food products and other goods has made people extremely consumerist and seeking the meaning of their life in new purchases. The availability of choices can also overwhelm people and may even lead to the purchase of the wrong product or service.

In conclusion, we are faced with a huge number of options in most areas of our life and they sometimes mislead us and make our choice too difficult. In order to avoid these disadvantages we should learn to recognize our real needs and values and make a right choice from the diverse options available.

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16 Responses

  1. Jafar says:

    There is no doubt that decision-making is inevitable in our daily life. Although some people believe that the number of choices is much more than we need, others argue that the number of options is expected. I completely agree with the latter statement. In this essay, I am going to explain both views a little more.
    First of all, the people who believe there are too many selections might argue consumerism forces them with unuseful options available rather than in the past. For instance, the internet has provided a connected world that results in a convenient way of finding suppliers. Therefore, when you buy clothes from an online marketplace, many results will show you for choosing the clothes you want by searching on that website. This massive number of e-commerce merchants makes people confused. Maybe if the internet was not available, they would have minimal choices, perhaps in the local market.
    On the other hand, In my view, the benefits of having many options outweigh its disadvantages. To clarify that, I suppose a shopping case. There are many options you can access via the internet and social media. However, many tools based on artificial intelligence on search engines have been invented to help you have smarter and fitted choices on the internet. For example, when you search for a specific product, not only can you limit your result by filtering tools and reviewing comments, but also artificial intelligence can predict your preferences based on your historical behavior on the web. Therefore, Although the options are more than ever in history, the process of decision-making is uplifted regarding technology advancement.
    In conclusion, despite the negative aspects of the wide range of choices which might bother customers, I believe that emerging new technologies such as smart search engines have been provided a new paradigm of more stylish and convenient decision making.

  2. yousuf says:

    Q) university education should be free for all the students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    The right to study free of cost is the responsibility of educational institutions. I strongly agree that education is a fundamental and essential need of every individual and many bright students, therefore, depend on it based on their financial situation.

    Education, worldwide, is the basic necessity of the human race. It teaches not only how to read and write but it builds general intellectual skills. If only students gain tertiary education, they could develop these skills, Consequently, this will help to eradicate poverty and unemployment. Additionally, the future generation will benefit from this act. For eg, many universities in Germany provide free education which as a result has helped them to become the most advanced in industrial as well as in import-export. In order to teach, higher education should be free.

    Furthermore, bright students, who are deprived financially will benefit and gain an opportunity to unleash their potential. While many paying students work part-time to pay their fees, they are unable to devote full time to studying and, as a result, a restrain is accounted for a poor grade. However, cost-free education will bolster their learning routine and bring out the best in them. For instance, some European countries, that provide free education has shown better graduate prospect and employment rate compared to their counterpart.

    In conclusion, university education is the universal right of every student and hence should be provided free of cost as it will not only benefit students financially but also allow them to focus on studies.

  3. Jaisal says:

    In the modern days people are having numerous choices in their lives, from food, clothing, education as well as communication. Indeed, I agree with this viewpoint, because technology has changed our lives over the years in a very comfortable and convenient manner.

    Firstly, in the education people has more options to choose nowadays rather than in the past, because of their interest to learn and work in different sectors. In olden times, the most popular studies were the medical or the engineering, whereas other courses did not have much scope and recognition. Nowadays, courses like art, fashion designing, charted accounts and others have become popular and also gaining more support from students and parents. In addition to this, in the past, there were only limited channels on the television to watch by the people. However, these days there are a number of channels, websites and videos that provide entertainment to humans. For instance, when I was a child, we used to have only 3 animation channels like cartoon network, pogo and Disney, whereas now thousands of series and movies are available through services like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar.

    Alongside, the technology has influenced the communication system greatly. Although 10 years back even if a person has to pass an urgent information to his family or relatives, it is done either through telegrams or landline phones were signals were improper. Whereas, with the development of the technology this has changed vastly, where people are able to communicate through mobile phones, emailing and chatting via online like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram at an easy pace. For example, last week at our office, we received a mail regarding the urgent need of blood for a patient in Apollo hospital and this message was passed on through WhatsApp groups. Indeed, many people have responded to this message and the person received the blood immediately.

    To conclude, the current generation is blessed with many facilities and options, so that they could pick up the one’s they like to do and live their life as they wish.

  4. saeyina says:

    With the existence of the Internet and globalization growing rapidly in its scale, tons of information are presented at the ease of just our fingertips using our computers and phones. Thus, it is often argued that, in the current society, many individuals are bombarded with a surplus of choices. In my opinion, I would disagree with this idea for two major reasons with further details included.

    To begin with, though thousands upon thousands of information that is rapidly changing every single day, arguably may limit people’s freedom and flexibility, it is still not technically feasible for everyone to consider all existing options when making a decision. The principal deciding factors of making a decision are illustrated by one’s income level and purchasing power; it is incontestable that someone from low-income brackets cannot afford designer clothes no matter how many different brands are offered in retail stores. Thus, only a handful of financially privileged individuals are likely to be overwhelmed by numerous possibilities to take into account.

    Another rational justification is that nowadays, a growing number of people tend to opt for quality goods, which are outnumbered by similar yet mediocre copies that markets are teeming with. Simply put, considering that modern consumers are likely to prefer authentic and high quality products, they automatically exclude other alternatives. For instance, some refuse to buy anything labeled “Made in China” as they believe all Chinese productions fail to meet acceptable standards. More specifically, the prevalence of these items restricts buyers’ flexibility and omits many choices from their lists.

    In conclusion, contrary to popular belief, I believe that people are not provided with a myriad of choices in excess for them to choose from. The most obvious argument justifying this assumption is that it may not be financially viable for all people to consider pricy and famous brands and yet many have a tendency to choose lasting and genuine products. These limiting factors have far-reaching effects on consumers’ behavior.

  5. Adil says:

    It is argued that people today are confronted with an overload of options. I completely agree with this point of view because of the endless stream of information offered by online retailers and search engines.

    People nowadays are bombarded with a vast selection of merchandise when shopping online. Unlike physical stores, e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, do not have space constraints. Thus, when a consumer searches for something on these sites, often hundreds if not thousands of related products appear. To compare them, they have to spend much time reading their descriptions and reviews. As a result, they may experience decision fatigue, which in turn paralyzes them.

    In addition, search engines are making people suffer from information overload. In other words, people may feel overwhelmed by the number of search results they receive and end up learning nothing. Take for example those who are searching YouTube for how to get a band 7 on the IELTS writing test. In a second, they would get so many recommendations from the platform’s algorithm. They may feel they need to watch all these videos so that they do not miss out on any valuable content. But in the end, they may get confused by the different advice given by those video creators, and still not know the key to scoring high on the writing test.

    In conclusion, I believe that people nowadays are faced with an excess of choices because of the amount of suggestions they get from online retailers and search engines.

  6. Vanessa says:

    According to some arguments, this 4.0 era of technology and globolization has provides world-wide citizens with boundless opportunities in almost every aspects of life. People now are able to have inalienable beneficial chooses to adopt. Nevertheless, there are sections of society that cannot afford even basic necessities. For them these choices are out of reach; therefore, I partially agree with this point of view.

    On the one hand, people in this commotion society have exponentially increased the number of options, which considerably better their living in terms of human’s basic needs: food, water, clothing, ****shelter, sanitation, education and healthcare. To begin with, the availability of a plethora of choices has allocated them the instant meet of basic demand even in the unattainable conditions. For example, due to the development of food preserving methods, people now could straightforwardly opt for non-seasonals such as strawberries which can only be found in spring and summer even in the winter months. In addition, numerous handy services have appeared, hence supplies citizens with various choices for accommodation and healthcare that is suitable for their obligation and affordability. Last but not least, the advancement in education has endowed people with accessibility of enormous number of professional fields to succeed in their lives.

    However, there still exists unequal distribution of posive aspects of technology as there are serveral underdeveloped nations all over the world. Not to mention the basic contentment such as food, health and financial resources, hardly had the people living there had an option to avail fundamental human rights. Besides, certain work and study courses opportunities are exclusively available in wealthy countries, leaving others devoid of these advantages.

    In other words, it is apparant that people hitherto are having more choices to relish their survival but there is unequal distribution of beneficial resources. From my perspective, everyone should have their own rights to benefit from the most advanced of science and technology since this not only creates a fairness but also helps our civilization evolve more homogeneous.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me. Grammar needs a lot of improvement. Also, you should have focused on the availability of choices.

  7. Mehdi says:

    It is often argued that in recent years, people have enormuos options to choose in different areas. This essay will explore this view and attempt to reach a conclusion.

    Over the few years, the number of options we had before the golden era of the internet has gradually increased with time. The internet allows us to have many choices in different areas, like education and fulfilling our everyday needs. To begin with, education was much more diffcult in a few years ago. In the medeivel era, people did not access to schools or even a person who could read and write. Therefore, they might start working rather than educating. Recently, people can choose between a dozn schools to educate their children. What’s more, the internet allows individuals to start
    educating without going to school.
    in a few years ago, shopping was not like what we do thesedays. I remmeber we had to go to another town for buying just some milk. What’s more, there was not the internet to help us navigate our way. But now, we have a huge number of options. You can easily search any thing you need just by clicking. In addition, you can buy your needs in a large number of websites which sell different stuffs at affordable prices. If you search shoes in the internet, you will see a huge number of shoes in various colors, models and brands.

    In conclusion, some individuals believe that options we can choose have increased recently. I competely agree with the view.

  8. Divy Patel says:

    In this contemporary era, the number of options has overwhelmed people to be choosy. It is reckoned by few people that due to the availability of a wide range of options, they also had a more number of choices too. I partially agree with the above-given notion that to sustain in this modern world one should have enough choices but not in excess.

    To begin with, in each and every aspect of life, there are ample options available to choose from for individuals. Let us consider the field of education. Firstly, many students choose to pursue more than one undergrad degree concurrently hence, this is related to their passion for the topic. Secondly, there is a myriad subjects present to study for a student and choose the same as a career. For instance, in India, students who applied for higher secondary study must choose between Science, Commerce, and Arts.

    However, it is true that having a wide range of options can be beneficial, it’s also important to note that too many choices can lead to decision fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed. To exploit it, imagine that you’re trying to choose a new phone. You’re faced with dozens of options from different brands, each with their own features and specifications. As you try to weigh the pros and cons of each phone, you start to feel confused and exhausted. Eventually, you may start to make hasty decisions or feel like you can’t make a choice at all.

    In conclusion, while having many choices can be helpful, too many choices can also be stressful and lead to decision fatigue. Thus, it’s important to find a balance between having enough options to make informed decisions and not being overwhelmed by choice.

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