Some People Believe That Nowadays We Have Too Many Choices | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is argued by some people that we have a lot more options to choose now than we used to have in the past. This essay completely agrees with the statement because thousands of products are displayed in shops at present and many people think it is difficult to select one from the multiple options.

Nowadays, we can find huge shopping malls which stock various products from many different brands and this sometimes makes it difficult for people to pick an item because there are so many options. For instance, about twenty years ago, when people wanted to buy clothes or electronic appliances there were not many options. As a result, they bought whatever was available to them and still they were happy. But today, the consumer is spoilt for choice when they enter a supermarket and as such they have to think many times before zeroing in on a particular product. Worse still, inspite of spending a lot of time comparing the options, they are not satisfied with the purchase because they suspect that the other options could have been better.

Choices are available in almost every area of life. For example, nowadays, there are plenty of options for higher studies and students and their parents often struggle to figure out what the right choice is. Even in the case of insurance and medical treatment choices are available in plenty. While the availability of choices is certainly good, the main disadvantage is that it makes the process of choosing difficult.

To conclude, people these days certainly have so many choices that they often feel overwhelmed when they shop for something.

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  1. karan says:

    It is often argue that in modern days people are having large number of options. I completely agree with this statement.

    There are overwhelming numbers of choices for the individuals. Firstly, with the advancement in technology the number of channels to view on television has increased drastically, and everyone is having different interest to watch these channels. If only one television is present in home, this most often leads to conflict in family. Secondly, there are number of food items available in market. This makes the life easier than past, and people become lazier to prepare food in home because of the easy options are available in the market.

    Additionally, now students have more options for selecting the educational course based on their interest, because universities give plenty of options in courses. Consequently, youngsters’ interest towards study would also increase. If more people are getting education in the nation, this would benefit for the younger generation for getting employment of their interest as well as for the development of the country. According to past decade report released by statistical department in India, the literacy rate has increased fifty percent than the past and per capita income per person also improved, and the reason for this is mentioned in the report is the more number of institutes in the country than the previous years.

    In conclusion, more number of options sometimes creates conflict in the families and people are becoming lazy; however, this would also improve the people’s standard of living with improvement of education in society.

  2. Rajvinder kaur says:

    Nowadays, many people believe that they have plenty of options to choose in the market as compared with previous time. This essay is also support the given statement. This essay will discuss what types of options available fror customers with relevant examples.

    To begin with from the point of view of household things. There are so many malls, stores and shops are open. All selling variety of products and dealing with numerous of brands. It is helpful for customers to choose from heaps of options. For example: cloths, mobile phone, laptops, fridge, washing machines, furniture, Tv and so on. In addition to it washing machine has options like top loader or front loader. So many brands in the market like LG, Samsung, Philip, Panasonic and so on. Customers can choose the right product according to their desire and affordability.

    Similarly, number of colleges and universities are open in almost every country. Students can choose where they want go for higher studies. Every country now a days giving study offer letters to overseas students as well. It is a privilege ton have this kind of options because international qualification can open a gateway to enter in big multinational companies in their home country.Furthermore with international qualification further they have options to select best company which offer them with high remuneration and perk.

    Previously, these kind of options were not available. People were just selecting from what was available for them. Now thousands of options in the market. Best thing is that everything has options and price ranges from low to high. So one can choose according the affordability.

    To conclude, Numerous of options is really beneficial for everyone.It is now accessible for the customers to compare and analyse before buying anything. in simple words “People can enjoy shopping and save money”.

  3. Mehrdad says:

    One of the most important differences between human and other living creatures is having the power of decision. Almost all of living species decide based on their instinct where as human could compares different things and eventually thanks to the power of thinking choose the appropriate one. Generally, I concur with this assertion about being too many choices although the increase of the number of choices in some subjects like education and career has become more than others like kind of transportation.
    After the high school adolescents have to select their field of study. This choice has such an important effect on their future life that anyone had better choose it meticulously. In past the variety of academic discipline was not extensive but having said that in this day and age not only the number of universities has increased but also the number of majors has expanded exponentially. Therefore it could be tailored a suitable field of study for everyone at the entrance in university. For example in past there was not industrial engineering, therefore the students who like this kind of education, which relates to the relation between human and machine, inevitably fend their favorites for themselves and was forced to choose another field of study to continue their academic education.
    Similar to education, the diversity of careers from a programmer in an engineering company to a dress designer has extended. In fact with advancement of education and technology along with the increase of the level of people expectancies different jobs has emerged. For example in past most of children followed their parents’ job or got hired in some governmental institution. But nowadays especially thanks to the Internet there has numerous jobs in which any one could work for make a living.
    As pointed out the increase of choices in some subjects has less than others. For example a long time ago there was three kinds of transportation like marine, rail and road transportation while nowadays air transportation has added to them. Therefore there has not many excess options for both passenger and civil transportation in comparison to the past. Just the speed of displacement has increased fast.
    The increase of potential options make the process of choosing a breeze. In other words the more options people have, the more successful decisions will be made. Although there are exceptions and sometimes too many choices leads to bewilderment of choosing. Totally the advantages of the existence of different options is more than their disadvantages.

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