Some People Believe That Longer Prison Sentences Are The Best Way To Decrease Crime | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that longer prison sentences are the best way to decrease crime while others believe that there are alternative ways to decrease crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, the crime rate has increased drastically. While some people think a life-sentence is a superior method to reduce / curb illegal acts, others feel there are more efficient ways to deal with this situation. I agree with the latter view. However, both views will be discussed in this essay.

On the one hand, it is true that longer prison sentence helps in reducing violations as it develops fear in the criminal mind. That is because they would spend their entire life locked up away from their loved ones and live a life that no one desires. This kind of mindset could build a better society as the felons will realise that they cannot get away with their wrong doings and face punishment accordingly. For instance, burglary cases have reduced in the United States after the government announced that burglars would be locked up for twenty years. Clearly, this law generates fear and prevents the offenders from violating any regulations.

On the other hand, there are several other ways to control offence. Unemployment is one of the main factors that trigger crime. By simply creating more job opportunities in both rural and urban areas, the government can curb criminal activity to a great extent.  When people are engaged in something gainful, they will not have time to plot a crime. For example, studies have shown that crime rate is considerably lower among people who have a reliable source of income. While a longer prison term is certainly a deterrent, discouraging criminal tendency by keeping people engaged in fruitful pursuits is definitely the most effective way to curb crime.

In conclusion, although the fear of lifelong imprisonment may deter many people from committing crime, in my opinion, generating more jobs is a more effective way to uproot this issue.

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2 Responses

  1. himani says:

    Criminal activities are increasing with each passing day. While, few individuals believe that imprisonment for a long duration is the superior way to reduce crime others however, believe that there are various alternates to suppress crime. This essay will shed light over both the views followed by my own perspective.
    To embark on, there are manifold arguments how longer prison sentences can lead to reduction in crime. The foremost one is that it makes person deterrent to commit crime. In other words, if the person knows that he will have to pay heavily if he does something wrong he will definitely restrict himself from doing any such wrong activity. Moreover, the thought that he would be locked up for a great duration reduces crime to a great extent. For instance, an article published in newspaper stated that the cases of theft decreased in the US when people came to know its detrimental effects, to be locked in prison for a long span of time.
    However, various other ways to reduce crime cannot be neglected. First of all, criminal activities are encouraged due to unemployment. If sufficient jobs are available for the adolescents crime can be greatly reduced. Also, if a person’s mind is involved in doing some productive activity he can be diverted from such wrongdoings. In addition to that, the awareness campaigns organized by government should be promoted as it will deter people from committing crime.
    In conclusion, although long duration sentences behind the bar is a great solution yet in my perspective awareness seminars and other alternates are feasible solutions to decline crime rate.

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