Some People Believe That Longer Prison Sentences Are The Best Way To Decrease Crime | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that longer prison sentences are the best way to decrease crime while others believe that there are alternative ways to decrease crime. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Indeed, recidivism is the most pervasive and the worrying problem for every nation in the world. Many people advocate that keeping an offender in the correctional centre is an ideal method to combat this menace. While others assert there are other alternatives such as education and community services to eliminate crime from the society. In my opinion, both views are valid.

There are ample reasons why people are in the favour of longer incarceration. To begin with, criminals often have the tendency to re-offend while out from the jail. Rather than reforming themselves while doing time in the prison, they become hardened criminals owing to their proximity to other convicts. Besides this, offenders who indulge in the heinous crime spread disharmony and unrest in the community. Serving a shorter sentence becomes the part of their lifestyle, which in turn makes them fearless and more dangerous criminals. Therefore, people including me assert that longer imprisonment is the ideal way to keep these repeat offenders and heinous criminals away from the society.

By contrast, many people believe that education and the community services can transform these criminals in to more civilized human beings who are useful to the society. Undoubtedly, education broadens our horizons and teaches us about what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.  Imparting even basic education to these criminals can drastically reduce their criminal tendencies. Moreover, introducing the criminals in to the community services can give them a chance to become a part of the mainstream. Doing community service enables them to feel like a part of the society who contributes to its welfare. Hence, education and community services are the other useful alternatives to curb the illegal activities from the society.

In conclusion, the longer imprisonment is a useful way to control the immoral acts of the re-offenders and the heinous criminals. However, educating criminals and engaging them in community services can also help the society to eradicate this menace.           

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