Some People Believe That It Is Good To Share As Much Information As Possible In Scientific Research, Business And Academic World | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world. Others believe that some information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Knowledge increases when it is shared and hence some people believe that scientific, technical and business information should be shared freely; however, others opine that it is better to keep some information confidential. In my opinion, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

We live in an age where new inventions happen almost every single day. Sharing this information is important because it helps to keep us updated with the inventions happening around us. Also, these researches can be used to develop technologies that can be used by people to ease their lives and for the betterment of the society. For instance, the invention of stem cells therapy pushed the boundaries of medical science. By using stem cells in laboratories we can create any organ we want! This regeneration helps us to avoid the danger of donor organ rejection. Sharing such useful inventions helps the students to be up to date with the recent procedures and thus become much better professionals.

On the other hand, sharing too much information can be dangerous. For example, research related to weapons and nuclear science is extremely sensitive and confidential. If it is fallen into wrong hands it can lead to wars and terrorist activity. Likewise, some information regarding business finances and the algorithm is kept confidential by companies to stay ahead of the competition. Sharing this information may incur major financial loss for the company and loss of its USP / competitive edge.

To conclude, my opinion is a neutral one. It is extremely important for the world to share knowledge regarding science and business but it is equally crucial to safeguard the information that is sensitive to companies and the country.

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6 Responses

  1. krish says:

    Few people vocalize that knowledge increases when it is shared and hence some people believe that scientific, technical and business information should be shared freely. However several other people think it is better to keep some information confidential. In my opinion, both approaching have merits and demerits.
    Sharing knowledge helps the people so that they will know about what is going around the world. Many inventions happen almost every single day if we share the information with each other then we will be updated with the new invention happening around the universe. also, this research can help people in their life too. For instance, the intervention of the tesla car. after the invention of it, we all knew that cars can be run through electricity also. sharing and gaining information like this can help the engineering student out there to discover many other things and become a much better professional.
    On the other hand, sharing too much information can be lead to danger. For example, research related to weapon nuclear science is extremely sensitive and confidential. If this kind of information will be shared then there will be lots of problems for society and as well as for the country. Likewise, some research and information related to business should be sensitive and private. I particular if this information related to business will be shared then many cybercrimes will be occurred in society.
    To conclude, my opinion is neutral. So, the knowledge should be shared which can bring positive impact to the country and new invention can be made with the help of this kind of research and knowledge.

  2. Rahin says:

    In the modern era, people are more free and open-minded, and they tend to share their lifestyles publicly ever before. However, it is considered by some that people should publicize more and more information about scientific research, business, and the academic world, while others believe that it is better to keep some information confidential. In this essay, I will look at both sides of the argument and give my opinion.

    On one hand, regularly there are tones of researches and inventions are happening, and it aims to ensure people’s life more convenient. These scientific works won’t make any value if people don’t have any access to them. Internet, for example, has brought our life with ultimate ease. If this invention is unveiled to us by the inventors, then every one of us certainly missed such convenience.
    Furthermore, sharing much information on the internet or other accessible platforms offers so many talented but poor potential researchers a great opportunity to sharpen their abilities and make a change.

    On the other hand, providing all the information publicly is not safe at all. Many times it is detrimental for public security, as terrorists will take this as an opportunity. Nuclear energy, for instance, is a confidential and sensitive matter. If it is fallen into them, chaos and war are a must. Likewise, information about companies’ business plans is a hidden plan that should be kept confidential otherwise it will be harmful to their growth, and thus they will fell behind by their counterparts.

    To conclude, In my opinion, the more information is made public the better, as it will increase numerous possibilities for the people who are meritorious, but underprivileged. However, information, which involves national security should be kept confidential.

  3. Binh Nguyen says:

    Many people claim that the more information is public in scientific research, business, and the academic world, the better the world is improved. On the other hand, others state that it is impossible to leak that information owing to its value and importance. To my way of thinking, it is necessary for disclosing some information in some urgent situations.

    First of all, sharing as much farrow ledge as impossible can gain both the pros and cons for the general goals of society. Regarding the positive aspect, this leakage action helps some subjects which include undeveloped countries, developing countries, some enterprises, so forth need to upgrade their technology and strategies, but they lack facilitated resources. Therefore, if those subjects are known the vital information, they will thrift a lot assets, human and time. In contrast, that support can lead people to not have any inspiration to do scientific research.

    In respect of keeping some information secret, this makes people stuck in difficulties and gain effects. Indeed, plenty of information can be crucial methods to enrich the value of companies. as a result, those companies can be limited to the competition and market when that information is freely shared. No sharing, however, builds up companies and countries to be a monopoly. Consequently, just a few people have chances to approach the innovations and discoveries of society.

    In my opinion, disclosing all secret information is impossible to derive the most efficient results from it. To resolve those situations, people should share some information due to the communal targets. For instance, imparting the copyright of vaccines is necessary for preventing public health from the Covid- 19 epidemic.

    To sum up, sharing or keeping all information in the dark also brings both the negative and positive effects that require people to rigorously determine before deciding.

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