Some People Believe That In The Era Of e-Technology Printed Newspaper And Magazines Will Cease To Exist | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe in the era of e-technology, printed newspaper and magazines will cease to occur in the near future. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In contemporary settings, online information is easily accessible to people, so some of them believe that other news sources such as newspapers and magazines will disappear / will cease to exist in the decade ahead. While the significance of these traditional media is declining, I do not believe that they will disappear in the future.

It is true that readers have been reaping numerous benefits from the internet in terms of the ease of obtaining information. To begin with, netizens can get latest information instantly, since web-based news is updated on an hourly basis, while newspapers bring out a new edition only once a day. Besides, netizens can find the information they need from the internet after inputting keywords, whereas searching information in a newspaper or magazine is very time-consuming, even if readers have access to the index.

However, these traditional information resources have their inherent advantages. First and foremost, these media defeat the network, in terms of the reliability of their information. It is widely acknowledged that the information in newspapers or magazines are censored strictly before being released, whereas, the credibility of internet –based information cannot be guaranteed, since anonymous netizens bear no liability for disseminating deceptive information. In addition, the vast majority of the elderly have difficulty using the internet and computers or mobile phones, and they will continue to use printed newspapers or magazines. Another advantage of conventional media is that it is quite easy on the eye.

In conclusion, while people can conveniently find information online, traditional media will continue to exist because of its inherent advantages like reliability and ease of use.

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