Some People Believe That In Order To Give Opportunities To The New Generation, Employees Should Retire At 55 | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that in order to give opportunities to the new generation, companies should encourage the employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The soaring unemployment rate has been a huge problem for many governments nowadays. Some people suggest that senior employees over 55 should be encouraged to retire so that they can make room for young people. Personally, I disagree with this idea.

It is true that if many elder people leave their jobs when reaching a certain age, more vacancies will be available, and then young people are able to secure a job easily. This will greatly reduce the unemployment rate in the society. Furthermore, with more young employees, enterprises can be more dynamic because young people tend to be more creative and innovative. However, I believe setting 55 as the retirement age is inappropriate.

Firstly, 55 is too young for most healthy adults to retire today. Modern people’s life expectancy has significantly improved as a result of the advances in science and medicine. It is not reasonable to ask healthy senior citizens, especially those who have great expertise, to stop working at such a young age. On top of that, their leaving could give rise to the shortage of skilled labour force, which subsequently would have an adverse impact on the efficiency and productivity of a company. Furthermore, if those who are still competent for their job were required to go home just because they are 55, they would perhaps feel unvalued and discriminated against. This might push them into depression and affect their mental wellbeing eventually.

In conclusion, encouraging old staff to retire at the age of 55 can help boost employment among young people and invigorate the company, but in my opinion, it is neither fair nor reasonable for many specialized senior employees and their companies.

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2 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    It is believed by a few people that companies should promote the retirement of older employees so as to provide opportunities to the younger generation. I completely agree with this statement owing to benefits it offers to the employees as well as the employer. The recruitment of youth gets in new talent and creativity within the industry and the early retirement of older staff will help them relax.

    In recent years, the competition in job market rose dramatically and youth find it difficult to secure a job despite being talented and qualified. To create some employment prospects for the younger generations, it is very importnat to ensure the retirement of older staff. This proves to be beneficial for the country’s economy in general and the company’s economy in particular. The youth are equipped with the latest technological skills as they are exposed to upgraded curricula during their studies. Hence the youth can boost the productivity of the company due to their technical know-how. From the country’s perspective, the unemployment problem can be reduced thereby discouraging the talented youth to look for overseas opportunities. The country can prosper by leveraging the local talent.

    The practice of early retirement aids the overall well-being of the older employees as it provides them a chance to relax. After putting years of hard work, they can spend few yaers of their life in pursuing their hobbies and pastime activities. The free time also allows them to focus on their health and go on a holiday. Research into human psychology has shown that people who enjoy the later yaers of their life lead a contended life.

    In conclusion, I feel that early retirement of older employees helps in maintaining a balance of work and leisure. It also helps in the economic growth of the company and the nation.

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