Some People Believe That Humans Should Be Able To Use Animals For Their Own Benefit, While Others Argue That The Rights Of Animals Should Be Protected

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Humans have been consuming meat since ancient history and using animals for various purposes. For many people, it is a normal part of their existence whereas others insist that such practices violate the rights of animals. In my opinion, it is not possible for humans to not derive any benefits from animals at all. However, it is important to draw a line as animals also have their right to live.

It is impossible for humans to live without using animals at all. Meat consumption has been increasing rapidly since the Second World War, thanks to the advancement in transportation technology and storage facility. Most of us include different kinds of meat such as chicken, pork, lamb and beef in our daily meals. For example, recent studies from the United Nations indicated that we are becoming more dependent on animals for food, as the numbers of vegetarians are falling globally. It is now impossible for many of us to even imagine a diet without meat.

Medical research is another area where humans use animals for benefit. While this practice cannot be considered ethical, it is not entirely avoidable either. The human life is considered more important than the animal life and hence drugs are always tested on animals before they are deemed safe for human consumption. Of course, countless animals die in medical research and while this is immoral we still do not have an alternative.

There are, nonetheless, some legitimate concerns about animal welfare. While consuming animal meat can be considered essential, raising them in uninhabitable environments and slaughtering them in inhumane ways cannot be tolerated at all. It is true that farm animals are raised for meat but while they are alive they need to be taken good care of. Legislations are required to ensure this. There is also no justification for killing animals for their skin or teeth. Such practices must be banned altogether. Legislations are also required to stop using animals in the research of cosmetic products.

In short, just like humans, animals also have their right to live. While it is not possible for us to stop using animals at all, we have to try and limit the benefits we derive from them at their expense.

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