Some People Believe That Governments Should Pay Full Course Fees For Students Who Want To Study In Universities

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It is an irrefutable fact that university education plays a crucial role in helping people get a white-collar job especially in today’s competitive world. Hence, some people argue that the government should bear the cost of university education. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, university education should be free for poor students; however, those who can afford it should have to pay their fee on their own.

Free education is a boon for poor students as they can study at university. There are several meritorious students who cannot afford university education. If the government pays their course fee, they will also be able to study at university and compete for highly paid jobs. A good job will elevate their living standards and also help them to contribute to the society.

On the other hand, if the government decides to fund the university education of all students, it will be a major financial burden on them. Consequently, to provide free education, the government will have to increase tax rates. This will fuel discontentment within the society. Now if the government fails to secure enough resources, the quality of education will suffer. Hence, in my opinion, only poor students should receive financial aid. Those who can afford to pay for their studies should have to do so. This way, the government can ensure that free education is not a financial burden for them.

To conclude, the government should fund the tertiary education of poor students to ensure that they also have equal access to all job opportunities. However, it is not viable for any government to make university education free for all students. In my opinion, only poor students should receive government funding. Those who can afford to pay their course fee should do so.

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