Some People Believe That Educational Success Depends On Good Teacher | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that educational success depends on good teacher others think that it depends on the attitude of the students. Discuss both the views and discuss your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that a dedicated mentor is a prominent factor in the academic excellence of the students, while others feel that it totally depends on the outlook of the mentees. This essay will discuss both the above-mentioned views. It will also prove why the student’s attitude is the deciding factor in his/her academic success.

Firstly, success is the result of one’s own will power. It is rightly being said that “Where there is will, there is a way.” So, a deeply motivated student will definitely find the way for excelling in studies. Secondly, teachers are not the only available option. There are many books and online videos which can provide guidance and support needed to get the desired success. Moreover, the surroundings of a student also play an important part. Parents, relatives and friends are the influencers who can support and motivate learners to excel in education. For instance, the top rank holders of India’s toughest competition UPSC often hail from very ordinary backgrounds wherein they are unlikely to have received high quality formal education.

However, some people do believe that a good mentor is needed for educational success. It is because they think that a good guide provides proper guidance such as the right learning materials, periodic assessments and tips for scoring well in tests. Moreover, in today’s competitive and advanced world, a qualified and skilled teacher is needed to guide students in the correct way. For example, there are many coaching institutes, which have qualified professors to teach young aspirants to crack the competitive exams and most of them succeed too. Even so, a good teacher alone cannot create any miracles. If the student is not motivated enough, no matter how hard the teacher tries, they are less likely to succeed.

After discussing both the sides of the arguments, this essay clearly proves that the student’s attitude is the major factor that determines their academic success.

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4 Responses

  1. RB says:

    Nowadays, quality of education is imperative for a successful life. While some individuals feel that academic success is achievable through polished teachings, for others, it is the attitude of students which matters the most. This essay will elucidate both the aspects and establish determinant factors behind this phenomenon. In my opinion, both elements plays equitable role and contributes to educational success.

    To begin with, it is indubitable that a good teacher plays a significant role as a mentor. In order to become one, a teacher should impart in-depth knowledge and practical aspects to make the topics interesting and in real time. For example, a math tutor should explain formulas and equations with examples from day to day life. As a result, students will grasp their topics faster and will develop brilliant cognitive skills to apply in their future job roles, if applicable. More than that, it will help them in getting excellent results in academics in order to secure their dream jobs or to apply for higher education.

    On the contrary, some believe that mental aptitude is a salient attribute for gaining educational laurels. It is true that no matter how well trained a teacher be, unless a student’s attitude is not appropriate, nothing can we achieved. It is often said that “Half the battle is lost when there is no conviction in oneself”. The same can applied in real life as too and should be the first approach for any student looking for academic success. To illustrate better, on order to learn swimming, the first step is to overcome the phobia of drowning in water than learning the techniques. Thus, attitude of a student is pivotal and helps in building right focus and confidence to achieve greater results.

    In conclusion, a good mentor is responsible for imparting theoretical and practical knowledge whereas attitude of a person helps in building focus and confidence to achieve positive results in education. Both the parameters go hand in hand and are equally important for students success.


    How would you rate this on a band level. I am struggling with writing scores and this is how i would normally write essays.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Write naturally. Your language seemed a little conceited to me. There are grammar mistakes too.

  2. Neetu Marwah says:

    Attitude of the students and a good mentor, are the two factors which play an important role while achieving academic success. it is a question of great debate whether it is the attitude of students or the strong dedication of mentors, working independently towards achieving academic goals. This essay will discuss the significance of attitude as well as the role of mentors to attain academic excellence.

    Attitude of the students is an important as well as a critical attribute which plays a key role in succeeding academically. But what this attitude is and what are the primary constituents of it? Attitude is defined as the perspective towards seeking a better solution rather than being dragged towards the problem. Optimism, independence, keenness, enthusiasm and positive frame of mind are the major ingredients, which help in achieving positive attitude in a student. Students have a natural tendency to look for an alternative solutions of a problem independently and without any mentor. Many times, they succeed but sometimes they do not. Now, it is a matter of attitude how students are coping with their failures. If they have attitude towards moving forward and seeking another solution of their problems, they will eventually win. But let us see the other side of the coin. What if they do not have this attitude and they start ignoring everything and start losing interest in everything which give them an undesired output. Under these circumstances, here comes the role of a mentor.

    So, who is a mentor and what does it do to maintain equilibrium between attitude and academic success of the students. Mentor is a guide and a philosopher, who helps the students, showing and guiding the right path, when they are in distress, lacking interests in finding right solutions, demotivated and seeking a helping hand desperately to move forward. Apart from teaching them right way to solve a problem, the mentor helps in building confidence and optimism among students.

    There is a proverb, “overconfidence kills” and this seems suitable for those students who believe in achieving academic success without even thinking the consequences of the solutions they are providing to the society, as they do not require a mentor to let them know the difference between a good solution and a bad solution.

    In conclusion, right attitude of a student and a good mentor, both go hand in hand and play a significant role in contributing fruitful results to society, which will be an ultimate measure of an academic success.

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