Some People Believe That Companies Should Manufacture Products That Last For A Long Time | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that companies should manufacture products that last for a long time. Others feel that the emphasis should be placed on producing goods that are cheap. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, companies should focus on producing goods that are durable. Others insist that the emphasis should be on manufacturing cheap/affordable products. In this essay, I am going to examine this question from both points of view and give my own opinion on the topic.

On the one side of the argument, there are peoplewho argue that durability of the product should be the priority while manufacturing. People support this view because durable products cause less environmental damage. It is also possible to say that if we use our daily use items for longer time, we do not have to throw them away frequently, saving a lot of natural resources in the process and reducing environmental damages. One suitable example of this is toys made up of wood. They do not break easily and therefore can be used by many generations in a family, resulting in less trash overtime. Moreover, producing less waste / garbage in our lives will help in managing environmental damages caused by the piling up of trash in landfills.

However, others argue that emphasis should be on producing cheap goods. The main reason for supporting this belief is that cheap products are affordable to poor people. In other words, cheaper goods are more easily available to the less fortunate population and this helps them to enjoy these goods spending considerably less money. Consumer electronic goods are a great example of this. There are both cheap and durable models in the market. Those who are concerned about the price tag can opt for the affordable model and enjoy the technology.

In conclusion, both sides of the argument have their own merits. On balance, however, I feel that people should buy long lasting products because this is crucial for saving natural resources and reducing pollution by limiting the amount of garbage we generate.

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