Some People Believe That Children Should Be Brought Up In Cities | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some People believe that children should be brought up in cities. Others believe that countryside offers a better environment for children. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

People often debate whether it is better to raise children in the countryside than in the city.  While some people favour the raising of children in an environment which has all the modern amenities and infrastructure others prefer the safe and pollution free environment of the countryside. Both views will be discussed in this essay although I personally believe that it is better to bring up kids in cities.

No doubt, there are plenty of benefits to raising children in cities. They have access to all the requirements of their study and extra-curricular activities. For example all the latest books and material required for projects are readily available in big cities as compared to villages and suburban areas. Moreover, there are plenty of good schools in cities so parents can easily find an institution that suits the needs of their children. There are schools available for differently-abled children in metropolitan cities. Cities are equipped with museums and libraries that assist children in their studies. Furthermore, in cities lots of cultural events take place on a routine basis in which the children can take part and get connected to their culture.

Living in a village too offers a set of advantages. To start with, it provides children with cleaner and pollution free environment which is not available in cities. Clean environment is a must for the health of a child. To add to it, the countryside provides open areas to play in and parents do not have to worry about their child being hit by a vehicle as there is less traffic. Most importantly, in villages there is a sense of belonging whereas in cities people do not even know their neighbours. However, life in the countryside has its disadvantages too. Children growing up in villages do not have access to high quality education as there are fewer good schools and colleges there. Also, they will eventually have to move to cities for higher studies. Their access to modern tools like the internet is somewhat limited. In addition, they have hardly any exposure to the world outside.

To conclude, there are many health benefits to bringing up a child in the countryside, but we are living in the 21st  century and to adapt to it accordingly, lifestyle and opportunities available in cities are the best.

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