Some People Believe That Allowing Children To Make Their Own Choices On Everyday Matters Is Likely To Result In A Society Of Individuals Who Only Think About Their Own Wishes | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that allowing children to make their own choices on everyday matters (such as food, clothes, and entertainment) is likely to result in a society of individuals who only think about their own wishes. Other people believe that it is important for children to make decisions about matters that affect them.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, children should be allowed to make decisions about things that affect them. Others insist that if kids are allowed to do what they want, they will become selfish. Both views will be discussed in the essay before arriving at a conclusion. 

On the one hand, there are several reasons to allow children to make their own choices. For example, children who are given the freedom to choose for themselves become more confident in the long run and their decision-making ability is enhanced. This will help them when they become adults and enable them to lead independent lives. For this reason, it is essential for parents to allow children to make simple decisions concerning their life. By contrast, if children are always made to obey their parents, they will end up becoming dependent on them for life.

On the other hand, there is a counter argument that if children are allowed to choose what they want, they will grow into selfish adults who do not care for others. Those individuals would disregard any suggestion given by others by prioritizing their own choice. Hence, it is apparent why many are against giving children this freedom.

In my opinion, children should be allowed to make their choices as long as they are good. Harmful choices should not be permitted at all. For example, if a child insists that they will only eat burgers, parents cannot permit this saying that it is a matter affecting the child. Likewise, parents should not allow children to watch whatever they want on TV or the internet. Children do not know what is right or wrong for them. Hence, parents should always monitor them and correct them when they make wrong choices. It is equally important for parents to teach children to respect other people’s views and needs. For example, if the child insists that they will only watch English movies on TV, other members of the family who watch the same television may be at a disadvantage if they do not like those movies. So, everyone should be taught to respect others’ views and needs.

To conclude, harmless choices regarding essential aspects of life such as food, clothing and entertainment should individually be made by the children without any external interference for the overall growth of their personality. This, however, does not mean that children should be allowed to do whatever they want. It is essential for parents to draw a lie beyond which children cannot exercise their right to make choices.

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