Some People Believe Government Should Spend Money On Building Train And Subway Lines | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe government should spend money on building train and subway lines to reduce traffic congestion. Others think that building more and wider roads is the better way to reduce traffic congestion. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is an irrefutable fact that traffic congestion has become a serious problem in many countries. Although many people believe that constructing more and wider roads is the best solution to mitigate this problem, I would agree with those who believe that building train and subway lines is a better way to reduce traffic jam.

On the one hand, there are some clear reasons why the extension and construction of roads can alleviate the volume of traffic. Firstly, the existing roads are not wide enough to accommodate the number of vehicles on the roads. This, in turn, leads to traffic jams, especially in cities. Secondly, if there are better networks of roads, people will be able to take an alternative route to avoid crowd when traffic congestion occurs. However, I do not agree with this view because wider and better roads might encourage people to buy cars. In a short period of time traffic will increase.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why some people believe that the government spending money on building train and subway lines is a better decision to tackle traffic jams. One reason is that trains are faster than buses or cars so people tend to prefer a train over a car, especially those who commute to work. This may relieve the pressure on existing roads. Secondly, in many cities, there is not enough land available to construct or extend roads. By contrast, a subway network is built underground and there is no need to worry about scarcity of land. Therefore, building a subway line is certainly a viable option.

In conclusion, it is true that constructing more and wider roads reduces traffic but it is a temporary solution as good roads prompt people to buy private vehicles. I firmly believe that governments should allocate funds to build train and subway lines rather than investing money on roads.

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4 Responses

  1. aliz says:

    In recent years we have seen a wide increase in traffic congestion. Many are of the opinion that government should invest on building railway and metro lines to decrease traffic block. However, others are of the opinion that making roads wider could reduce traffic congestion. This essay would discuss both the ideas to reduce block on roads and support the view to construct more train and subways to deter congestion.

    The main reason why people believe having wider roads reduce traffic block is that, more private transports could easily ply on the roads. However, people could easily reach out for their work and other necessities in a shorter time span without depending on public vehicles. For instance, lane traffic allows more vehicles to travel in varied speed limits. In Kannur, the government to reduce traffic jam made the roads more wider. Moreover, this allowed trucks and containers to have a separate path thereby reducing congestion to 40% from 70%. A wider road ensures less congestion nonetheless more traffic on roads creates pollution.

    Efficient measurement to reduce block is by constructing more of metro trains and subways. Moreover, encouraging public transport would reduce the use of private vehicles. Eventually this would decrease the levels of pollution. For instance, New Delhi is suffering from bad air due to vast number of people using private cars. This could be deterred from the usage of metro trains and other means of public transportation. Subways should be constructed in a way that it connects the streets of the town. However, this could help people to get connected across the city. Consequently, there would be a lesser number of private cars on road and reduce congestion.

    To conclude, people have an opinion that reducing congestion is by creating wider roads. Nevertheless, this creates more pollution in the city. The best way is to construct train and subways thereby promoting public transportation. Eventually, this could reduce pollution and traffic jams.

  2. Swathi b says:

    Spending money in enhancing the means of transport is often a context which has numerous opinions and equal number of oppositions. Few people opine that investments should be directed towards the railways development, while others argue that roadways need a higher share of the funds. In my opinion, funding rail and road routes are of equal importance and this essay will discuss the same.
    Firstly, several people believe that increasing train routes will help bring down the traffic congestion issue, which is not feasible in every situation. Moreover, having more on surface tracks needs huge land area for building railways stations and the tracks will be longer in comparison with the roadways. However, underground trains have been proved to be better option. Countries with subway systems have provide a significant evidence of their effectiveness over reduced traffic congestion. Hence, laying train tracks strategically is important rather than merely increasing the counts.
    Secondly, widening and maintaining the existing roads is equally essential to accommodate the increased use of private vehicles. Constructing flyovers in areas where widening is not possible is a tremendous solution. Several areas facing such issues in Hyderabad are being solved by planning new flyovers. Also, damaged roads cause major congestion which needs to be addressed by proper maintenance. To do so, government should allocate enough money for roads development as well.
    To sum it up, focusing on enhancing a single transport means alone is never a good thought. And I think, officials have to consider investing on both roads and railways, as and when required rather than investing on only one of them.

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