Some People Argue That Job Satisfaction Is More Important Than Job Security

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According to some people, it is better to pursue a job that provides satisfaction; others insist that it is even more important to have a stable job that provides a secure source of income. While I do admit that job satisfaction is desirable, in my opinion, finding a secure job that pays well is better than pursuing a labour of love.

Work satisfaction is certainly important in life. If people are happy about their jobs, they do not have to drag themselves to their office every morning. They will happily go because they enjoy the time spend in office. This will increase their efficiency and also eliminate stress from their work life. By contrast, if they are unhappy about their job, the very thought of attending office will kill their joy. This not only makes them unproductive but also saps their energy.

Even so, in my opinion, having a secure job is more important than having a job one loves. This is because work is just one aspect of our life. We have a personal and social life outside our office and if we earn enough, we can find happiness in these areas. For example, people who earn well can provide a better standard of living to their family. They can send their children to the best schools and provide them with the best health care and other necessities of life. Even if they are not particularly happy about their professional life, being able to fulfil the needs of their family will make them happy and satisfied. And when they feel stressed out, they can take a vacation to forget their worries and rejuvenate themselves. By contrast, people who do not earn enough have to constantly worry about meeting their financial obligations. This will actually make them anxious and unhappy even if they are satisfied with their job. Eventually, the constant financial worries will make them detest their job and begin to affect their efficiency at work.

In conclusion, job satisfaction is definitely worth pursuing; however, it is not more important than earning enough. If people have a permanent job that earns them enough, they can fulfil their financial obligations and feel satisfied about their life in general. Hence, if I have to choose between job satisfaction and financial security, I will definitely opt for the latter.

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