Some People Argue That Family Members Are More Important Than Friends | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people argue that family members are more important than friends. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is opined by many that a friend is less important than family members. I believe that both friends and family play an equally important role in the life of an individual.

On the one hand, family does everything to add meaning to a person’s life. A father gives up his dreams to earn a better career for his child, the mother looks after his every little need and others pool time and offer love and care at every step. Even after days and months of not being in touch, the bonding between family members remains the same. This feeling, in many cases, changes in friends who either completely lose touch or start to sound unfamiliar after sometime of staying apart. In addition, a family member is there throughout the life of a person and in spite of having contradictory opinions they stick together and aid each other in every possible way. Therefore, the importance of a family is incomparable.

On the other hand, friends are known as second family and life could become colourless without them. This is because it is not possible for family members to be physically present with each other all the time. As a child grows, it is common for them to share their feelings with people of similar age like their classmates, collage mates and colleagues. They tend to have more things to discuss as they are going through similar emotional and physical changes. Moreover, friends encourage and support each other and some of these friendships lasts forever. Thus, it is necessary to have friends in life.

To conclude, I believe that friends and family complement each other. When there is no family around, friends always come forward to fill the void. However, the bonding between family members is certainly stronger.

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