Some People Argue That Because The Internet Makes It Easy For Children To Access Fact, Schools Should Not Focus On Teaching Facts


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According to some people, since every bit of information and facts is available on the internet, children should not have to learn them at school. In their opinion, instead of teaching students facts, schools should focus on imparting skills that will improve their relationships and help them achieve their full potential. I cannot fully agree with this view. While I do admit that children do not require a great deal of the knowledge gained from school, it is not wise to ignore facts altogether.

Facts are available online. This, however, does not mean that children do not have to learn them. Facts do shape our understanding of the world. It helps us make sense of the happenings around us. For example, knowledge of various geographical and scientific phenomena is essential to understand the world around us. In the same way, we should have some knowledge of our body. We should know economic principles as they have tremendous impact on our life. We should also know what is good for us and the world at large. For example, learning about climate change and pollution is essential to reduce our impact on earth. While we do not have to acquire all the knowledge in the world, we should learn enough to lead a healthy and productive life without causing much damage to the world. Of course, some facts, such as the dates of wars and names of kings can be omitted as children do not gain anything from such information.

Teaching children life skills and helping them build better relationships is important too. Without these skills, it is not possible to navigate life even if we have all the knowledge in the world. For this reason, schools should also focus on developing the communication and interpersonal skills of students. Teaching them vocational or other skills that will help them earn a livelihood is equally important too. However, these skills are not a substitute for knowledge of facts.

In conclusion, it is true that facts can be looked up online at any time; however, it does not mean that children can ignore them altogether. Some knowledge of facts is essential to live a fulfilling and stress free with minimal negative impact on the world.

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