Some People Are Leaving The Countryside To Live In Cities And Towns | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some young people are leaving the countryside to live in cities and towns, leaving only old people in countryside? What problems does this cause? What can be done to solve this problem?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays more and more youngsters are moving from rural areas to urban areas in search of better jobs and lifestyle leaving their old parents behind. This essay will discuss the problems related to this move and will also suggest an appropriate solution.

To begin with, youngsters are moving to urban areas in search of better education and job opportunities which they cannot find in rural areas.  In cities there are good universities which will give them better education and improved career prospects. Also, plenty of jobs are available in cities. This is the predominant reason young people prefer towns to villages. Unfortunately, this migration causes a lot of hardship to seniors who are left behind. They have no one to take care of them when they need support the most. Consequently, many aged people are now seeking admission in old age homes where they may or may not receive adequate care.

This problem can be solved if governments create higher educational institutions and job opportunities in rural areas. As a result of this, more people will prefer to stay in their villages. The government should sign contracts with big companies for creating job opportunities in villages /rural areas.

To sum up, old people play a crucial role in our society as their knowledge and experience can help a society grow and leaving them alone will lead to several problems. The government can tackle this problem by creating more opportunities for younger generation living in rural areas.

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4 Responses

  1. Vibhu Khurana says:

    Nowadays, many youngsters are moving in metropolitan areas to improve their work-life balance and living their old family members in the countryside. This trend could result in the reduction in advanced medical, and other primary facilities and can also increase the crime rate. However, a number of measures could be implemented in order to resolve this issue.

    Firstly, the movement of youngsters towards cities could limit the primary facilities which everyone requires. It means that the government allocates a massive amount of their annual budget towards the essential needs of everyone and their criteria are completely dependent on the number of taxpayers. However, older citizens are not helping in the stimulation of the economy as they are. Due to this, the government reduces its investment in the public sector in the countryside.

    Secondly, the number of crimes could increase if only seniors will live in the countryside. As the youngsters are physically fit, and agile, so they can fight with the criminals if needed. Due to the lack of physical health, many criminals can take the opportunity of loneliness of old people which could result in the amplification of criminal cases. For example, in Russia, there is a small town, where the average age of locals is 62 and the criminal records are between 80% to 90%. Thus, the rate of crime can be increased if adolescents move from their birthplaces.

    However, this problem can be resolved by establishing companies in rural areas and providing job opportunities to the youngsters. They often leave their homes in search of jobs. By setting up companies in local areas, the government can reduce the movement of young talent up to an extent. For example, the opening of a sugar mill can open a number of career doors for the people who live in the countryside. As a result, they won’t leave their family for career growth.

    In conclusion, a decline in modern facilities and an increase in crime rate might be the problems which could arise due to the movement of many young people. Only when the government will provide the job options to them at their native places, will this situation be remedied.

  2. sidhharth says:

    Nowadays people leave countryside rural areas and go to big metro cities in search of jobs, Better standard of living. But rural areas have their advantages to like clean air, less traffic on roads, simple living, etc
    Further, we will discuss both sides with relevant examples and will conclude in the end.
    To begin with, city life is amazing it seems like everything is convenient their people have high paying jobs on holidays people go to malls with their families and friends, there are many activities for young people too ho hang around, play sports but all of this come’s with a cost like of getting stuck in traffic for long hours people do high-pressure jobs which leads to stress and health-related problems Moreover Air pollution is the worst, which is below danger mark in cities like Delhi, Bombay On the other hand, elderly people are adversely affected by changing cities as they may\maynot not be able to find old-age homes which provide quality shelter as cities are too crowded.
    The solution to this problem can be found if, The govt starts to act quickly and start setting up industries, educational institutes in rural areas. So that people don’t have to leave their homes for better studies or jobs

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