Some Parents Buy Their Children A Large Number Of Toys To Play With | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is true that the parents nowadays spend a huge amount of money for buying toys for their children. There are certain advantages to buying toys for children; however, the disadvantages are also worth considering. Both sides will be discussed in this essay.

The main benefit of buying expensive toys is that they serve an educational purpose. Parents believe that by playing with interactive games, children will enhance their learning skills and understanding. Many toys are designed to clarify educational concepts. For example, Scrabble helps improve vocabulary and word generation ideas. Consequently, children who play with educational toys can become smarter than their peers. Secondly, in families where both parents work, it is extremely difficult for them to dedicate enough time for the children. As a result, parents buy toys for their children so that it can compensate for the time they are unable to spend with children.

Despite the above mentioned positive arguments, there are some disadvantages to having too many toys. The biggest problem is that children become introverts. In the past, toddlers used to play outdoor games with their peers which in turn helped them develop skills such as leadership and team work. On the contrary, now they are becoming reclusive because they play alone with their toys. Therefore, they do not easily mingle with others. Moreover, family ties are weakening among this generation of children. As they spend less time with their parents and more time with non-living objects, they are not attached to their parents. This discourages them from sharing their emotions with their parents. Surveys have shown that teenagers are more comfortable sharing their feelings with their toys than their parents. Obviously, children are impacted when they have too many toys to play with.

To conclude, playing with toys certainly benefit children because it enables them to learn many new things and acquire useful skills. However, if children spend too much time with their toys or if they have too many toys, they may become introverts with poor social skills.

Band 8 IELTS sample 2

Nowadays, it has become a trend among parents to buy a lot of toys for their children. It is evident that having a large number of toys has some merits and demerits.

One of the primary / main benefits of having a lot of toys is that it helps the development of motor skills in children. This is because playing with different types of toys can help children, especially toddlers, in developing control over body movements. They would need to do different actions to hold toys or run after them. Consequently, it might improve their motor control. Another noteworthy benefit is that they can avoid loneliness. If children have so many toys, they will be quite busy and happy playing with them. These days most parents are working and have no time to spend with their children. Therefore, having a great number of toys will be helpful for the children to avoid loneliness.

On the other hand, despite having some upsides, having toys in abundance has two major downsides. First, children might stop valuing / cherishing toys if they have a large number of them. That means, they will not understand the significance of those toys and start taking them for granted. Eventually, they will start pestering their parents to buy them more as they have already become bored of the toys they have. Moreover, if toys are large in number, it might even cause children to be detached from their parents considering the fact that they would be more inclined towards their fun toys. These days most of the toys in the market are really advanced and have attractive features. As a result, it could reduce the time they spend with their families.

In conclusion, while it is true that toys help motor development in children and save them from loneliness, having a large number of them is disadvantageous because it might make children stop valuing them and also cause them to be detached from their parents.

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10 Responses

  1. Gurjit says:

    Toys are one of the prominent facets of childhood; however, few families provide their kids with a plethora of playing items so that they are always involved with them. It has both merits, such as the child will not create disturbance, and demerits, like the feeling of ownership, even so, I argue that having a great collection of toys is beneficial for the children. In this essay, I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of this argument.

    To begin with, there are two main advantages of buying number of playful things for children. Firstly, the child is less likely to create disturbance in the house as he will be converged in playing every now and then; whenever we gift a new toy to a juvenile, he just forgets the outside world and does various experiments with it, doll marriages for instance, while enjoying their own company. Secondly, these days a variety of playthings are available in the market, including puzzles, which can reasonably add to the mental development of the child. For example, word puzzles certainly help the kid to be familiar with and alphabets and words. So, less disturbance and brain development are the two upper hands of paying for the abundance of toys.

    In contrast, it also has some undeniable disadvantages, like reduced outdoor activities. An adolescent may not want to leave toys and go to play outside because, from his childhood, he is addicted to his own world; if someone interferes with him, he will get irritated which can affect his overall personality in future. Moreover, the feeling of ownership is acquired by owning a huge sum of toys as a survey has shown that most of the children hesitate to share their toys with their peers. All in all, with lots of toys a child can develop not only physical but also mental disorders.

    To sum up, while purchasing more items for children, for playing, have advantages, mind development and lesser hustle-bustle, and disadvantages such as lack of activeness and ownership behavior. For a better upbringing, the parents should not invest in extraordinary toys rather try to socialize their young ones.

  2. Ghulam Ali says:

    Parents purchase lots of toys for their children to play. It is good for a child to enjoy with so many toys but on the other side it will become a bad habit of a kid for always ask for more.
    Even an animal loves its children that it can die to it. It is a natural wish that parents want to give anything on which their kid points on even the moon. Many parents facilitate their children with a huge number of toys. Nowadays, children are more attracted to virtual world with the help of smart devices like mobiles and TV. So, it is much better to engage a kid with toys of its age. Varity of toys help a kid to grow faster, understand complicated problems and make them physically active.
    On the other hand, if a child is raised by fulfilling all their demands and providing whatever toy they want which in turn can be bad for their future, because they will create a demanding habit in them. A child should be facilitated with a toy as per need or as a taken of appreciation when ever they achieve some task or against their dedication to studies.
    I conclude that, so many toys are good for children to engage them physically, but the side effect is that they will become demanding personality, which is bad for their future. On the other hand, children should be given toys as gift or appreciation when they achieve their small goals in life.

  3. Subash says:

    These days parents are quiet busy due to their hetic schedule .This days parent purchase expensive toys for children to enjoy during their leisure time.So, to entertain themselves they play toy with toy.There are many both drawbacks and benefits of buying expensive toys to their children.
    First and foremost, Certain advantage for providing toys to their son/daughter are as below:if they are engaged in education toys he /she can build their learning habits. Learn to build different skills. Where as parents believe that playing with significant tool can grow the understanding level and creat vast vocabulary.In present context both mother and father are quiet in doing their job so, they prefer to purchase different toys which keep them out of lonelyness and stress. More over , in this modern era educational tools are also build for children to gain positive knowledge. For instance, this days all children below ten prefer to have education toys rather than entrainment toys which helps them to become smarter among their peers.

    Despite this,there are certain benefits too most of children engaged in playing toys rather than extra out door activities .For the reason ,they can develop skills and independence. With the peers they can know about the teamwork and leadships but without that coordination they are unable to know.They tries to stay single in the family.They don’t easily try to be mingle with others.Likewise parents are unable to read the emotion of the kids.Children tries to remain away from their parents or Senior.For example,they can creat social issues like doing illegal activities and create several families issue and demand their choice which can harm them in future.
    In conclude, providing toys which is beneficial for them has better advantage to create vast experience and knowledge. But providing unnecessary toys which damage their mind and create negative issue in the family. So we should give much care to both son and daughter which helps them to remove their negative thought and should ask daily activities what they have done.By this way they can create positive thinking power.

  4. Md Taj Uddin afeef says:

    Now a days it is more common for parents to buy too many expensive toys for toddlers.having to many toys have some benefits and drawbacks which will be discussed in this essay.
    In this generation most of the expensive toys serve as educational purpose.for instance playing with scrabble makes children enhance the word making skills.although,many parents thought that playing with expensive toys can generate advanced learning skills in there children additionally,if both parents work then they don’t have time to spend with their children thus providing too Many toys can compansate the time they unable to spend with their children.on the other hand having too many toys have some drawbacks firstly it can make children introverts.they hesitate to mingle or socialize with their peers as they spend most of their time with their toys according to a survey toddlers who go out and mingle with their peers have more advanced skills compare to those who don’t .secondly it also leads them with less interaction with their family members and parents.they don’t want to share their emotions with their family members because of less interaction which makes them feel olden days children use to go out and play with their peers and have better personality development than the toddlers who spend most of the time with their toys.
    To conclude having toys for toddlers is very important because they can enjoy their life by playing with them.but having it too many can effect there social skills

  5. Hojat Hz says:

    Nowadays, a plethora of toys, ranging from simple dolls to complicated electronic gadgets like video games, are provided for some children by their parents. I think this is not a problem provided children are sufficiently active and care for their toys.
    One of the substantial advantages of children having lots of toys is that there are different games for them to play. They can choose one of their toys according to their mood and taste, and are less likely to become bored. Besides, they would undoubtedly be able to learn a wider variety of skills like problem solving or organization. Different toys can teach them various things, which means that the more toys they have, the more they are likely to learn.
    However, having a lot of different toys could potentially lead to children becoming overweight since many modern toys like video games and LEGOs, which are very common these days, are usually played indoors. Therefore, they would definitely reduce children’s physical activity, leading them to gain extra weight. Furthermore, when kids have too many toys, it is likely that they will take less care of them. In other words, they will probably not learn to value them if there is always a replacement ready to play with. Consequently, they would not learn to appreciate their belongings.
    In conclusion, I believe that children benefit from an abundance of toys that offer them variety and teach them more varied skills. However, it is crucial that they keep an active lifestyle and are trained to value every toy.

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