Some Parents Believe Watching TV And Playing Computer Games Should Be Substituted By Book Reading | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some parents believe that watching TV and playing computer games should be limited and substituted by book reading. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Many parents insist that the access to electronic media for children should be restricted and they should be encouraged to read books in their free time. I completely agree with this proposition and in this essay, I will explain the demerits of spending an excessive amount of time on electronic gadgets and the merits of book reading.

To start with, when children spend an excessive amount of time watching television or playing computer games, it has a negative impact on their health and psychology. First and foremost, it weakens the eye-sight of children. The reason is the blue rays which come out of all the electronic devices and if kids watch such devices for a very long time, it will affect their eye-sight. Furthermore, some cartoon shows on TV and video games make children more aggressive and ill-mannered. For instance, playing games on Xbox that involve fighting can influence children to be violent in real life. Similarly, some cartoon shows can teach them improper language. Therefore, parents must limit the kids’ screen time.

Instead of engaging children on electronic devices, elders should persuade them to read books as it has numerous benefits. Firstly, the book reading habit would improve language skills. When someone starts reading, he or she will come across vast vocabulary and get to learn proper grammar. This way the command over language strengthens. Simultaneously, the knowledge of different subjects increases when the child reads more. More significantly, reading books will enhance the imaginative capabilities of a child. The reason behind this is that in books, the situations of the story are described in words and to understand that a reader has to imagine the background and this mental exercise improves their creativity.

In conclusion, the advice to cut down children’s screen time and replace it by book reading time is reasonable because too much access to electronic media will harm children’s eyesight as well as inculcate bad habits in them. However, motivating them towards book reading will not only improve their knowledge and language but will also develop their imagination power.

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  1. Afrin says:

    Some parents believe that watching TV and playing computer games should be limited and substituted by book reading. Do you agree or disagree?

    It is often believed by many parents that playing computer games and watching television ought to be controlled and this time must be replaced by the habit of reading books. This essay certainly agrees with this aforementioned statement and shall elucidate further in the forthcoming paragraphs before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

    Spending an enormous amount of time on electronic gadgets such as television, computer, and mobile phones will have a detrimental effect on the health of individuals. Studies have been demonstrated that excessive usage of technological devices is more likely to cause serious health disorders like obesity, eye-sight problems, hypertension, and many more.

    In contrast, reading skills not only enhance a better understanding of the subjects but also improves motor ability, communication, and logical thinking. For example, according to a survey conducted by Harvard University, it was revealed that 75% of successful people around the world possess a hobby of reading a variety of books as part of their living. Moreover, some individuals opine that reading increases imagination and creative ability, whereas watching movies on screen does not play any vital role in the overall development of a person other than wasting precious time. Therefore, the majority of guardians assert that their children should utilize their leisure time for productive activities such as reading books, journals, newspapers, and many more.

    To conclude, in my opinion, reading is an essential activity that every child should develop instead of wasting time in front of the TV and playing online games.

  2. Ramadan says:

    Asking questions are genuinely pleasant thing if you
    are not understanding something fully, however this paragraph provides pleasant understanding yet.

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