Some Parents Believe That Children In Their Leisure Time Should Be Involved In Educational Activities | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some parents believe that children in their leisure time should be involved in educational activities. While others believe it adds to much pressure on children. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In contemporary settings, the vast majority of guardians have been attaching more importance to their offspring’s academic education. Therefore, they believe that children should engage in some activities with educational value. However, I believe that this is detrimental to their upbringing.

It is understandable that spending free time on this kind of activities enables children to obtain a reputable academic qualification in the future and gain an edge in the job market. To be more specific, children who devote enough hours to academic activities are more likely to get high marks and be admitted into well-known universities. Thus, compared to those underachievers with low score, they have a higher possibility of achieving promising career prospects, especially in China, a country with enormous population and ruthless competition.

However, this will make children lose the chance / opportunity to relax themselves and lead to / result in some undesirable consequences. On the one hand, this daily routine may result in a sedentary lifestyle which the majority of school children are adopting, and thus increase the possibilities of them suffering from some diseases like obesity, poor eyesight and lethargy which damage their health. On the other hand, if students are required to focus on their academic activities for several hours on end, they are more likely to feel exhausted or bored, resulting in low working efficiency. By contrast, if they are allowed to do some recreational activities during or after school hours, their brains can be discharged, and they will have a refreshed mind, facilitating their academic learning and thus making them capable of concentrating on learning subjects.

In conclusion, while focusing on academic activities may have a minor chance of helping students achieve outstanding academic performance and promising career prosperity, it brings about more drawbacks including health problems and lack of focus in studies.

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