Some Parents And Teachers Think That Children’s Behaviour Should Be Strictly Controlled | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some parents and teachers think that children’s behavior should be strictly controlled. While some think that children should be free to behave. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is argued whether parents and teachers should enforce strict control on children’s behaviour or just let them behave freely. In my opinion, neither total freedom nor absolute control will benefit children; rather parents should monitor their conduct properly.

On the one hand, too much control on children’s behaviors can affect the formation and development of some valuable abilities. Primarily, it will hurt the problem solving skill of children as this ability is cultivated and developed through trial and error. If parents and teachers put too much control on children, they will have no solutions for the problems they might face in future. It is more likely for them to consult their teachers and parents for suitable and effective solutions, which is the undesirable result of over dependence on others. Besides, children whose behaviors are highly controlled by parents and teachers may be restricted in imagination and creativity, which are essential to their academic performance and also the key to gain success in complicated tasks in the workplace in the future.

However, it is not to say that children’s behavior should not be monitored / supervised at all. Having no control on children’s behavior can lead to detrimental results. My primary concern is that children may fail to respect and obey laws and regulations and they may simply behave in the way they like. For example, children may misbehave by engaging in activities such as habitual lying or littering just to entertain themselves without realizing that they have already violated some regulations. On the contrary, if the parents and teachers discipline their children whenever they go wrong, they are more likely to become law-abiding adults or even contributing members of their community.

In conclusion, I believe that both parents and teachers have an obligation to discipline children’s behaviors and educate them in proper ways, rather than enforcing strict control or permitting absolute freedom.

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2 Responses

  1. Salman Khalid says:

    Nowadays a lot of debates and research is going on how much control to be exercised on children behaviour so that their personality be shaped to have desirable and social traits. There are divergent opinions on the matter as two groups taking two extremes with strict control and other adopting almost no control. In this essay I shall attempt to present advantages of both view points.
    There are a group of parents and teachers who think that children should be guided and instructed on their every action. They ought to follow set rules at home and in schools. They have a logic that children’s brain is like a piece of plain paper and they can be tuned and shaped as per the set cultural norms. There is no contradiction that every society has certain traditions and values which must be taught to the children. Controlling and monitoring actions and behaviour of children help them to imbibe those cultural nuances. For example, in Traditional Indian culture, youngsters are not supposed to sit and talk freely in front of elders.
    On the other hand there is another flock of parents which believe that children’s mind is very creative and accommodative and hence they should be left free to be stimulated to take inputs from their environment. They think that children should be kept unfettered to develop their own thought process and behaviour, without giving consideration that todays children are much more exposed to information that previous years and that such information is positive as well as detrimental to the growth and development to the delicate minds of children.
    I shall conclude the essay by me taking a moderate view on the matter. I believe that children behaviour ought to be controlled as long as traditions, cultures, good manners etc are concerned. But at the same time, they should be free to behave as they want with intermittent intervention. So that parents and teachers guide them on desirable and undesirable behaviours.

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