Some Old People Think That Retirement Life Is Happier | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some old people think that retirement life is happier, but they find that it is not as happy as imagined when they retire. What are the reasons for this? Suggest some solutions.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

A large proportion of elderly people look forward to their retirement thinking that it will be the happiest period of their life. However, the reality is different for many of them. The causes of this problem will be discussed in this essay along with the solutions.

Multiple factors contribute to this problem. It is widely acknowledged that the pension that retired people receive is lower than their previous salaries; however, the cost of living continues to rise and consequently, people’s life quality decreases after retirement. In addition, numerous retired people are suffering from some psychological diseases. This is mainly due to the fact that they are afflicted with loneliness because their children are occupied with a full time job and can no longer spend enough time with their parents. By contrast, when they were working, they regularly communicated with their colleagues.

The joint effort of the governments and the local communities are required to solve this problem. It is imperative for authorities to increase the amount of pension, retired people can get. This will ensure that they have enough money not only to purchase life necessities but also to afford relatively more expensive activities like a vacation or a musical concert. Also, local communities should organize various events where retired people can get together and socialize. This will enable them to be acquainted with other retired people and make friends with them, eradicating their loneliness effectively.

In conclusion, the decline in the happiness levels of retired people can be attributed to their small pensions and loneliness. The government can help to solve the problem by launching special welfare schemes for the retirees.

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