Some Film Companies Spend Millions Of Dollars On The Production Of A Single Movie | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some film companies spend millions of dollars on the production of a single movie. Is it necessary to spend a lot of money to make a good movie? What factors contribute to the success of a movie?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Film industry has grown significantly over the last few decades and some companies allocate a colossal budget to produce just one movie. Personally I do not believe that the quality of the movie depends on how much money was spent on it. Rather what matters are the storyline and the talent of the actors and other people associated with the movie.

Producing a film is definitely a process which requires a lot of money. Costumes, cameras, make up and exotic locations are all components of a regular movie and for sure cost a fortune. However, producers overspend when producing a film and incur unnecessarily expenses to add special effects expecting that in this way they will enrich the film. Yet these are not the key factors that determine if the movie is good enough or not.

Firstly, the storyline plays the most vital role in the success of a film. If the story is not strong enough to attract the audience, making a film on it is undoubtedly fruitless and will have devastating results. Secondly, choosing the actors who suit the role they are playing is also imperative. Many film stars have become instrumental in producing legendary movies because of their talent and their incredible ability to enact the characters in the most realistic way. For example, movies of hugely popular actors like Tom Cruise become successful regardless of their storyline or budget.

To conclude, although film production needs a huge chunk of money, it is not the key factor in making the film successful as the story, the acting and the direction are equally if not more important.

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  1. Vera says:

    Topic: Some film companies spend millions of dollars on the production of a single movie. Is it necessary to spend a lot of money to make a movie? what factors contribute to the success of a movie.

    Production of movies involves much money and so many film industries spend huge amount of money to make just one movie. In my opinion, i think spending million of dollars does not determine success of a particular movie because other factors like good story line and talents of involved actors and actresses are major factors that contribute to every movie’s success. Therefore to much money is not necessary.

    It is of no doubt that production of movie involves huge sum of money. That is to say, to hire a well talented actor is expensive.They make themselves this way due to their worth. Also, getting a good location and costumes for movies attract much money because they make movies colorful and captivating. But one should not forget that spending so much dollars without producing a movie that teaches good lesson to people and the society does not mean anything.

    Furthermore, another reason why too much money does not determine the success of a movie is the fact people pay more attention to movies that pass strong and meaningful information to the society. Therefore,story line of a movie and how well an actor is able to interpret his or her role are what captivate the attention of people more. A good and talented actor who is very passionate for his job do not always look at how much money to make from a particular movie , rather how best to entertain their fans and tell society how talented and gifted they are remains paramount to them because, they want to remain relevant to the society and movie industry as well.

    In conclusion, although to produce a good movie involves so much money, i still believe that spending such money is not necessary because success of a movie depends on its story line and how talented chosen actors are..

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. An area you need to improve in is vocabulary. Also work on grammar.

      • Neha says:

        Movies and cinemas have been seen around the world as a primary source of entertainment and gained popularity worldwide which has motivated directors or producers to make more movies even if it requires spending lots of money. However, sometimes the opposite is true and various factors involved in success of good movies which will be explained in this article along with a number of examples.

        To embark upon, with the significant increase in digital era and modernization of world, entertainment industry has been proved to be the booming industry since past decades. People around the world are fond of watching various genre of movies. However, sometimes viewers get disheartened when their favorite actor or actress act in movies which has poor storyline due to which certain movies get flopped even if being high budget movies.

        As per my opinion, it is not always imperative to spend whopping amount of money in the process of making super hit movies. The most crucial aspects that contributes towards it is the good script, a fascinating story and how well makers portray it on the big screen. In addition to that, connection between audience and character is essential in any film. Apart from that, the acting skills of actor/ actress what outweighs certain flaws or mistakes in the movie. To illustrate this one Korean movie called “Parasites” was released on Netflix, an entertainment platform last year has gained large number of viewership and internet bombarded with the positive reviews irrespective of the fact that film was made amid pandemic and shooting was done in one house with very low budget and it has earned more than $54 million in the USA and Canada.

        To conclude, people globally are fan of watching movies with interesting content over any fancy spending in light of the fact that they find movies a source of enjoyment and relaxation even more than that it allows them to feel different emotions.

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