Some Feel That The Effects Of Advertising Are Positive For Individuals And Businesses | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some feel that the effects of advertising are positive for individuals and businesses, while others think they are negative. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

While some people claim that adverts are largely beneficial for people and businesses, others oppose this view. In my opinion, commercials have both positive and negative aspects that affect individuals and companies.

Adverts usually benefit large businesses because they have the budget to spend more and more on commercials for promoting their products. Unfortunately, small companies that do not have an impressive marketing budget fail to compete with MNCs in this scenario and often go out of business. For example, many small companies in India have shut shop because of their inability to compete with the marketing strategies of multinational companies. People prefer to buy only advertised products because there is a general perception that if a product is advertised it is of good quality.

Commercials have both positive and negative effects on consumers. First, they make people aware of the latest products in the market. This is largely beneficial for them because without ads people will not learn about new inventions that improve their lives. At the same time, constant exposure to commercials affects a person’s buying decisions. People assume that if a product is advertised, then it has to be good. They fail to see through the marketing strategies of large companies and often end up buying mediocre products. Ads also promote wasteful spending. Under the influence of commercials many people buy products they do not even need. This not only upsets their family budget but also leads to the generation of excessive amount of waste.

In short, commercials benefit large businesses that can use them to promote their products. They can be good or bad for consumers depending upon how they act under the influence of advertisements. People who use ads to find useful information about the products and services that improve their lives usually benefit from them whereas those who give in to the temptation to buy anything and everything after watching ads are negatively affected.

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