Some Feel That Paparazzi Should Not Follow Celebrities And Invade Their Privacy | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people feel that paparazzi should not follow celebrities and invade their privacy by taking pictures of them everywhere, while others believe this is just the price of fame. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

There is a growing consensus among many people that individual photographers should not follow famous personalities and interfere in their personal life by capturing their private photographs while others opine that this is the price to pay for being famous. This essay discusses both sides of the argument before arriving at a conclusion.

Every individual on this planet desires to have a balance between professional and personal life. Celebrities are often bothered by photographers who capture every moment of their life. This type of continuous follow up can lead to physical and mental stress. Moreover, the family members of these celebrities always complain that they do not get enough time because of the media, and the authorities should have appropriate law to tackle this situation. For instance, in a recent interview on Star News, family members of a famous star mentioned that they go through a lot of stress because of these individual photographers who invade their private space.

However, famous people are aware that this intrusion into their lives is a small price to pay for the attention and adulation they receive. As their fans follow them everywhere, they are interested in every minute detail of their idols. Making the decision to become an actor is voluntary and they understand all the consequence they would face if they are famous.

In conclusion, I believe that famous personalities should not be disturbed when they are spending some quality time with family members and close ones. However, while it is true that media should respect the privacy of everyone including celebrities, famous people also need to realise that encroachment on privacy is the price to pay for being popular. Those who really value their privacy can always choose not to be a celebrity.

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  1. Prabhjeet says:

    Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment, but population and education as well.
    What problems will your country face in the next ten years?
    How can these problems be overcome?

    In the coming future challenges related to environment, population and education will be faced by countries around the world as these problems are interconnected. In this essay I will discuss about the problems my country will facing in the period of the coming decade and will give solutions to overtake these challenges.
    Firstly, to begin with the country I live in is India and the biggest of all problems it is currently facing and will have in the coming years is the problem of over growing population. As mentioned earlier this challenge brings along with it the environment and education problem as well. As the population increase more and more ground needs to be cleared to accommodate these settlers which directly effects the environment and aid in the uprising of global warming as more trees are cut down. Furthermore, to educate such a large number more buildings need to be constructed such as schools, colleges, universities , etc.
    Secondly, when students graduate from institutes the search for job begins and for an average student to find a job in a populated area becomes harder as there are tons of applicants waiting for the same job. Moreover, the factories built to accommodate more workforce dumps the waste product in the natural flowing water adding to pollute the environment by killing the life living in those waters.
    To overcome these challenges certain steps can be taken such as government should make strict rules about having a single child in the family to decrease the growing population as was done in China to drop their population. Living in the 21st century education should be advanced through media by providing free classed over the internet or television and to protect the environment new employment fields should be opened that take care of the polluted areas such as cleaning rivers, collecting litter in parks or sea shore and so on
    Finally to conclude though these are major challenges which our world is facing but these problems can be overcome by taking simple steps to lead a healthy and wealthy life in the future.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Your essay is too long. Aim to write 280-300 words. If you write a longer essay, you will also make more mistakes and that will hurt your score.

  2. nedi says:

    People have different views about paparazzi. While some advocates believe that famous people should be aware of the consequences of earning fame, I think that celebrities have the right to have some private moment without any photographer around them.

    On the one hand, everything we get in our life has its own price. paparazzi is the inevitable corollary of popularity. People, trying hard to become famous, know that when they become eminent, they will grab the media attention. There will be lots of speculation about their behavior as a role model and in the beginning, not only did they enjoy from hitting the headlines but also they did anything to court fame. So the advocates of paparazzi think that celebrities should not put the blame on media hype since they knew that being in the public eyes has its own price.

    However, the opponent of celebrity photographers including me, think that celebrities have the right to need some privacy. A well-known person, just as anybody else, have his own family and duties in his personal life. For example, we all know that there are many actors who are also fathers and have children to take care of; therefore, they cannot look glamorous everywhere for photographer’s cameras. Secondly, sometimes paparazzi might ruin their personal life and make them go through malicious rumors. For instance, a picture of an actor’s personal relationship gave a lot of distorted views of his moral values and hence, he faced a lot of verbal attacks and misjudgments on his social media account.

    In conclusion, although some people think that famous people had to be aware of the consequence of earning fame, I opine that paparazzi should not ruin someone’s life by spreading rumors and invading their privacy.

  3. anonymous says:

    Photojournalism has become a challenging occupation these days and the extent in which photojournalists enter the public figures’ lives has been a debatable topic. While some opine that independent photographers should not continuously follow celebrities and ruin their privacy, others claim that this is the price they must pay for being famous and loved. In the following essay I will elaborate on both sides’ opinions and partially advocate both of them.
    To begin with, it has been widely believed by some that these photographers must not interfere with high-profile people’s lives inasmuch as their private space needs to be respected and taken into account. Exactly like other people in society, actors, singers, athletes, and politician must possess a secure atmosphere in which they can spend some quality time with their friends and families. If they do not feel this privacy, they may encounter many emotional problems. One Brazilian model for instance, committed suicide after being notorious by a journal published her sexual photos on a beach.
    Turning to other side of the argument, others claim that being famous and loved means that one must be always prepared for being captured by photojournalists anytime and anywhere. They earn money out of their fame and individuals are enthusiastic about every single detail of their lives and relationships. To illustrate, all know that gossip magazines constantly seek to gain detailed information from the favorite figures as a result of which the journal attains more wealth and the figure gets more famous. Consequently, celebrities must bear this fact in mind and avoid actions which may act as a scandal in society.
    In conclusion, the media is always trying to take the hottest photos from the loved and famous people of the society; a trend which has its own proponents and opponents. In my opinion, unless the media respect the figures’ privacy, severe emotional problems may occur for celebrities although they may get more famous because of this trend.

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