Some Feel Executives In Large Companies Should Receive High Salaries | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some feel executives in large companies should receive high salaries while others think they are paid too much compared to ordinary workers. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The debate over whether or not their compensation should be considerably higher than that of regular employees is getting intense these days. Both views will be discussed in this essay; however, personally I believe that the higher salaries of senior level executives are justified.

To begin with, some people argue that employees occupying the highest posts are being paid an enormous amount of money for their jobs. It is also true that employees at all level are equally devoted to the work and put in almost the same number of working hours at it. They believe that the skill gap between these workers does not justify the difference in their salaries. For example, most of the workers in the company and forces are well educated and highly experienced, yet the salary of their CEO is exorbitant compared to that of low-level employees. Therefore, there is certainly a grain of truth in the argument that top executives of the company are overly compensated.

Conversely, many people believe that offering high salaries to the top-level employees is absolutely necessary. They argue that even though the executives are clocking the same number of working hours as any other employees they are far more responsible for the overall performance of the organization. If they do not perform their duties properly, it will affect everyone working under them. For instance, a 100-year-old company GE lost a fortune and resulted in many job losses as a result of the failure of its CEO and CFO. Thus, for assuming such a key responsibility the executives should be rewarded appropriately.

In conclusion, the remuneration gap between the executive and employees is going to be a contentious topic for a long time. While some believe that offering high compensation to company leaders in outrageous, in my opinion, for the amount of responsibilities they carry on their shoulders, it is completely justified.

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