Some Employers Find That Their New Employees Lack In Basic Interpersonal Skills | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some employers find that their new employees lack in basic interpersonal skills such as lack of ability to work with colleagues as a team. What are the causes of this problem? Suggest solutions.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

These days many employees lack interpersonal qualities such as communication skills and team spirit. This is due to the inadequate education system and recruitment procedures. In order to resolve this issue, amendments are required in the education policy and methods of teaching and assessing students.

To begin with, the crucial reason for the lack of soft skills in fresh employees is the inefficiency of the education system. This is because the secondary and tertiary levels of education mainly focus on teaching theoretical subjects and no importance is provided to extracurricular activities. Secondly, many employers hire the workforce only on the basis of their academic scores. Therefore, the pressure to obtain maximum marks forces students to focus only on book learning. Consequently / as a result, most of the students lack the ability to work with team members and handle workplace pressures.

To combat this issue, the system of education should be amended to include soft skills as part of the curriculum. To elaborate, extra marks should be given for participation in sports, declamations, painting, dancing, and acting. This will encourage students to take part in these activities. As a result, students will become more confident, diligent, and co-operative team members. Additionally, the recruitment process should include group discussions and other tests measuring soft skills in order to select versatile candidates. For instance, Tata Consultancy Services selects the employees only after screening their soft skills, even if a candidate scores top rank in academics. This will ultimately motivate the students to work on their interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, an inefficient educational structure and inept employee selection criteria are the reasons for the lack of interpersonal skills among employees. The only solution to this problem is to make extracurricular activities an integral part of the learning and selection process.

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