Some Cultures Value Old Age While Others Value Young Age | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some cultures value old age while others value young age.  Discuss both attitudes and express your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

All communities have their own perspective about people of different age groups. Some cultures value the young generation more because youngsters are seen as economy boosters. On the flip side, some communities consider old people as their guides and they value the elderly more. In my opinion, both generations are important for maintaining balance in the society.

Some people believe that serving old people is the same as serving god and they have great respect for their elderly. Since parents nurture their children all their lives without any selfish motives, children consider it their duty to provide all possible facilities and amenities to their parents and grandparents in return. India, for instance, is a country where this trend is strictly followed and if one does not respect old people, it is considered to be immoral and rude. Moreover, old people have more experience in life because they have confronted a lot of hard situations. Therefore, most of the times, old people are considered to be the best guide for their next generation and hence they command good respect in the society.

Young people, on the other hand, act as the wheels of a country’s development vehicle because after a certain age, old people become dependent on the government but young people contribute to the growth of the nation. To illustrate this, most sectors require young people to drive them. While seniors may be able to give direction, they cannot fight for the country or boost its economic growth. In addition, most of the tax is paid by young people, which is a significant resource of income for a country. In this way, the young generation play an important / imperative role in the development of a nation.

In conclusion, both young and old generations support their nation according to their abilities. Old people benefit the society through their wisdom and experience whereas youngsters use their energy and enthusiasm to serve their country. I think both generations should be valued for the better future of the country.

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