Some Countries Spend A Lot Of Money To Make Bicycle Usage Easier | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some countries spend a lot of money to make bicycle usage easier. Why is this? Is this the best solution to traffic congestion?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, many countries are promoting bicycle usage by spending a huge amount of money on it. There are several reasons for this strategy. For example, bicycles are environment friendly and help in maintaining good health.  It is also considered as a useful solution for the traffic congestion.

There are many reasons why some governments choose to promote bicycle usage. One of the main advantages is that the bicycle is eco-friendly. In other words, no fuel is needed to run the bicycle as it is operated manually or electrically. Hence, it drastically reduces air pollution caused by automobiles.

Furthermore, the maintenance cost is almost negligible. Therefore, government spending on bicycle usage is a nice strategy to combat pollution caused by automobiles. Promoting the bicycle usage is one of the best solutions to the traffic congestion. For example, in the cities like Montreal, there are bicycle stands where bicycles can be parked and rented for use for a minimal price. Also, every road has separate lanes for the bicycle riding that occupy comparatively very less space than other vehicles. To illustrate, four bicycles can pass simultaneously in the amount of space used by a car. So, it aids in dealing with traffic-congested roads and is time saving. Moreover, the number of causalities due to traffic congestion comes down to minimal.

In conclusion, more countries should take initiatives to adopt this method as it helps in solving traffic problems and benefits the environment.

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4 Responses

  1. M.omar says:

    Lots of countries nowadays are promoting bike ride culture among the masses to increase more riders in the cities. Local governments do so, to control traffic pollution and its congestion.However we have a long way to go to solve such metropolitan problems.
    Big countries cities like Shanghai and New York are now facing traffic jams on its roads for long hours and in some harsh cases for days. This problem has led its municipal authorities to take corrective action against this growing problem.The main cause of congestion, is people’s excessive use of cars.Studies and focus groups have suggested that people use cars for tasks , which however could have been accomplished on foot or lesser means of transportation, for instance, motor bike or bicycle.Therefore local governements now have provided convenience to bike riders by providing designated bike lanes on all major roads.Moreover, to promote such culture,Local authorities organize bicycle marathons.These marathon’s purpose is to promote awareness among its citizens and promote bike riding culture.
    Although all the steps taken by governments are appreciable, however a lot more could be done to control congestion.Since in harsh weathers people find it difficult to ride bicycle, therefore public transport should be more accessible to general public in all major areas. Also, it has been observed and documented, that motorists don’t respect the bike riders space and in some cases, despise their existence on the roads.Local police should curb this attitudes and monitor the bike lanes ,so that it doesn’t get overtaken by the cars.
    So, in conclusion I believe that governments should take more steps in providing bicycle riders ease of access on the roads. Furthermore Motorists should be made aware of environmental effects of Carbon emissions ,so that they are more appreciable and hospitable to their fellow bicycle riders on roads

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