Some Companies And Organizations Require Their Employee To Wear Uniform | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some companies and organizations require their employee to wear uniform. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In many workplaces there is a strict policy that requires employees to wear the company uniform every day. Every employee must follow this rule otherwise there can be detrimental effects they must face. Though there are a plethora of disadvantages to wearing uniform to workplace, they are overshadowed by advantages. This essay will discuss both positives and negatives of wearing uniform.

There are myriads of advantages to wearing the uniform. First and foremost, standardized uniform creates a sense of belonging among workers. Some might be proud to flaunt their uniform in front of the public as if it is a symbol of pride. For instance, policemen are proud to wear their uniform as it makes them feel honored and respected. Secondly, if customers need any assistance, they find it easy to identify staff members. For example, staff at a departmental store must compulsorily wear uniforms for the purpose of easy identification. Lastly, the uniform makes the employee look more professional and enables them to win the respect of their customers. In other words, a well dressed salesman in uniform is far more trusted and favored by a customer than an employee wearing their own clothes.

However, some feel there are disadvantages to wearing uniform. Firstly, some staff may find it boring / monotonous to wear the same clothes to work every day. What I mean by this is they may not feel as energetic or fresh as they would when wearing different clothes to work. Also, the workforce may feel that their right to wear a dress of their choice is violated as some may not like the plain color of uniform. Last but not least, if everyone wears the same uniform, hierarchy cannot be seen, and higher officials may feel offended. To give an example, most of the retail stores require every employee from managers to cleaning staff to wear the same uniform.

To conclude, in the light of the aforementioned advantages and disadvantages, I feel the company policy that makes uniform mandatory is beneficial for the all the stakeholders.

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