Some common expressions without prepositions

We do not use prepositions in some common expressions.

After the verbs discuss, lack, enter, marry, resemble and approach

These verbs are followed by direct objects without prepositions.

  • We discussed our fears and concerns. (NOT We discussed about our fears and concerns.)
  • He married his childhood sweetheart. (NOT He married with his childhood sweetheart.)
  • He is intelligent but he lacks experience. (NOT … but he lacks of experience.)
  • The train is now approaching Victoria Terminus. (………… approaching to Victoria Terminus.)

Prepositions are not used before common expressions of time like next Monday, last year, this week, this Friday, any  day, one day, tomorrow morning, yesterday afternoon etc.

  • I met him last week. (NOT I met him in last week.)
  • Come any day you like.
  • The program lasted all night. (NOT The program lasted for all night.)
  • We met one Friday in February. (NOT We met on one Friday…)

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