Some Cities Do Not Restrict How Big, Stylish And Unique Houses And Offices That People Construct Can Be | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some cities do not restrict how big, stylish and unique houses and offices that people construct can be. Do you think the advantages of this approach outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Unlike in the olden days, when most of the buildings in a city were designed to be similar in style, many cities now allow people to design and construct their houses or studios in any style they want. In my opinion, although this policy has some drawbacks, it will benefit the society.

Allowing people to design and construct homes that suit their personal preferences can make the city better. It can make the city look more interesting and attractive. Without different styles, a city full of uniform houses makes citizens feel dull and stressful. By contrast, if residents are allowed to live in houses designed by themselves, they will be more satisfied with their life. Therefore, they can be happier and less stressed than people living in similar buildings. Furthermore, restricting people from designing their own houses or offices inhibits the use of imagination. Not imposing restrictions on the use of imagination can provide the city with a variety of building styles. A city full of stylish and unique houses will appeal to tourists and give a boost to local economy. Even so, giving people full freedom to construct buildings in whichever styles they prefer can lead to some problems.

Some people may build their house in public areas, which will bring inconvenience to others. Meanwhile, although using glass can make buildings look fancy, an excessive use of glass could result in light pollution. Additionally, building an extremely large house for a family of three or four people is obviously a waste of resources. These issues cannot be ignored, although the benefits of allowing people to design their stylish buildings are more obvious than its disadvantages.

To conclude, allowing people to build homes of whatever style they prefer may make the city more attractive. It can also improve the quality of residents’ life. Nonetheless, if people’s building behaviour is not properly controlled / regulated, conflicts will inevitably happen.

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