Some Children Spend Hours Every Day On Their Smartphones

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Nowadays it is common for many children to spend inordinate amounts of time on their smart phone. Lack of parental supervision and limitless access to the phone are the main reasons for this development. In my opinion, this is a negative development because it hurts the health and academic progress of the child.

A phone is no longer a simple device used to make and receive calls. Modern cellular phones are just as powerful as computers and come with a variety of features including tons of entertainment. Children can play games on their phones, connect with their friends via social media and even get homework help online. Needless to say, they spend a lot of time on their phones. During the Covid situation, schools were giving lessons exclusively online. This forced even those kids who were not used to spending much time on the phone to stay glued to it. Eventually, it became an addiction. Now kids are back in school but they simply cannot get over their phone addiction. Lack of parental supervision is another reason. Many parents do not have time to spend with their children. They simply leave the phone with their child and give them complete access to it.

Unfortunately, it is not good for children to spend too much time on their phone. During their growing years, children are supposed to be physically active. If they spend all of their free time on the phone, they rarely get an opportunity to flex a muscle. This sedentary lifestyle leads to several health problems. Smart phone addiction also hurts the grades of children. While it is true that the phone is also a great tool for learning, very few children tend to use it for that purpose. Hence, they lose focus on their studies and thus their grades fall.

In conclusion, today’s mobile phones are a treasure trove of entertainment and hence children are spending too much time on them. Unfortunately, smart phone addiction hurts their performance at school and leads to various health problems.

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