Some Believe That Giving Gifts Is The Best Way To Show That We Care | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some believe that giving gifts and presents to family and friends is important to show them that we care. Others think that there are more important ways discuss both views and give your opinion

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Although it is believed that showering gifts is necessary to express love and care for family and friends, some believe that there are other significant ways to do so. I think gifting is waste of money and resources and one should opt for other ways to show adoration for important people in their life.

On the one hand, some believe that gifts and presents should be given because it instantly makes the other person feel elated and special. Undoubtedly, it will help to strengthen the bond with the receiver if that gift is of great value to them. However, this is not always the case and sometimes the gift we buy for them could be of no use to them. For example, when we buy a gift for our friend’s birthday there is a very high probability that another invitee will also bring the same present. In such situations, our gift may lay gathering dust in their attic. Also, gifts have a monetary value and it is not always possible to buy something that will make the receiver happy. More often than not, our gift will fall short of their expectations.

By contrast, spending time with our near and dear ones and offering them financial or other help when they need it the most is a much better way to show our love and concern for the,. Firstly, offering moral and financial support in situations of dire need is the most favourable thing that one can do for their family and friends. Another significant way is to share worthy belongings, knowledge and experiences with the loved ones especially children. This will eventually enable them to have a better future and in return respect for the person who shared these virtues, making the relationship stronger.

To conclude, while people may vary in their opinion, I think to demonstrate love and care for family and friends it is better to be generous / helpful to them during their difficulties in life than squandering money on unnecessary gifts and presents.

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2 Responses

  1. Jagariti Bhardwaj says:

    Life without colors is like a soup without salt; and in any person’s life, these colors exist in form of his family and
    friends. With the rise in urbanization, people’s thoughts have been influenced intensively. It is this change today, which
    is leading to the gesture of showing anyone’s feelings in form of gifts. Although, there is no harm in giving presents,
    but I believe that when there is a sensation of true love and care in any relationship then the quality of time spent
    together, matters the most.

    When a person receives a gift from his closed one, it might bring a smile on his face but in depth of that feeling, there
    also lies a compensation for the lack of concern, time, care and communication which the two have missed. Internet today,
    has although brought people closer living in different cities and countries but at the same time it has also created an
    extra-ordinary distance among people. That is why, to fill this gap the concept of materialistic gift is rising. Not only
    this, the growth in modernization has increased to an extent, where the comparison of feelings is done with the price of
    gift.The expense on the present is likely representing a direct proportion of this care.

    It has been rightly said, that the best gift a person can give to someone is his ‘time’.Giving our time is like giving a
    part of our life. Although in this busy life today, we cannot manage to meet our friends and families daily, but a time to
    time conversation with them on unexpected days, wishing them on occasions, inviting them on our celebrations and making our
    presence on their’s, motivate them in their struggles and helping them when they need support are some of the real signs
    of showing how much we value that friend. When anyone feels that he is actually cared and loved in a relation, he feels
    secure and impeccable and it’s value is priceless.It cannot be replaced by any materialistic of this entire world.

    Hence, we should give gifts and also receive them with respect, but never assume it as an important necessity of a relation.
    It should be overestimated by making a symbol of care, rather a bond which is nourished with an exchange of good quality time
    with each other is irreplaceable

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