Since Most Information About History And Culture Is Found On The Internet, Museums Are Not Needed Anymore | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Since most information about history and culture is found on the internet, museums are not needed anymore. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, the internet is used by many people to find detailed information about history and culture. It is claimed by some that museums are no longer required as all the information is available on the internet. I personally disagree with this. The following paragraphs essay will discuss why museums are essential.

To begin with, no one can deny the fact that people cannot physically see historical artifacts on the internet. It only provides photos which most of the time are not enough to understand the actual size and beauty of the artifacts or sculptures. For example, in order to gauge the actual size of the biggest sword made in the 19th century, you have to see it in person. Photos on the screen can never give an accurate idea of the size. Secondly, every bit of information available on internet may not be true as some websites put up wrong information for their benefit. Conversely, museums contain information curated by the government and history experts. This will help people get actual understanding of historical events.

In addition, museums buttress economical development in the city. To explain it in detail, the fees collected from visitors of museums would increase the revenue of the government. It is not only a source of income for the government, but also provides entertainment to some people. Historical museum buildings attract a plethora of visitors. For instance, science and industry museum in Chicago attracted 1 million visitors last year. This increased the popularity of Chicago around the world.

From what have been discussed above, I strongly disagree with the idea that museums are not required. In my opinion, the internet will never be able to physically show things. Museums provide true representation of history, culture and religion which would not be possible with internet.

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6 Responses

  1. Parvathy R says:

    It is often argued by some people that as history and culture related information are mostly available on internet, museums are no longer useful. In my opinion, I strongly disagree to this because museum plays a vital role in understanding the history and culture of a particular civilization.
    Even though the last few years have experienced burgeoning growth in the number of people having access to internet, the role of museum in the history of a place is indubitable. Museum portrays the sequence of events that have occurred in the past. Therefore visit to museum would help us to identify the history and acquire knowledge about our ancestors.
    Another point to consider is that museum also paves the way for finding the culture and traditions that existed in the past. For example, the jewelry used by kings and followers would be put on display in museums. Moreover, experiencing the feel of visiting the museum could never be replaced by browsing details in internet.
    Finally, museum visit during holiday is a best way to get bonded with the family and to wind down from stress. Trip to museum would help not only in the acquisition of historical knowledge but also to have an amazing experience. For instance, in most of the schools, study tours involve visit to any of the famous museum so that the student is incredibly benefited by the trip.
    To conclude, museum plays inevitable role that can never be supplanted by technology. Although the technological advancements are reflected in all aspects of life, it can never lessen the importance of museums.

  2. In this contemporary era technology revolutionizing every aspect of our life. The internet is one such development. With this, some believe a huge amount of data can be derived from the internet about museum and culture while I argue that the internet never becomes a replacement of museum in terms of representing intrinsic value of human history, artefacts and various galleries. This essay would explicate both perspectives before reaching my opinion.
    On the one hand, there are two main reasons why people believe that the internet is not alternate for the museum. First of all world wide web is a consortium of genuine and fake information where everyone has access to dump data irrespective of quality. Hence, there will not be a guarantee that the collected data about history and museum would represent the authentic meaning of their historical events. To exemplify that museums are updated by officials and archaeologist who did rigorous endeavour in the research of the historical sites and accumulated their findings as artefacts and fossils using their insights, which something that people never find it on the internet. Secondly, real visuals confer realistic emotions which people can experience by having real contact with fossils and artefacts in the museum whereas the internet fails to do that.

    On the other hand, some voices claim that visiting the museum would be more complex for certain kinds of people such as handicaps, offspring’s and rural inhabitants. For instance, my home is far away from the city center where historical buildings and museum located, so I would prefer to imbibe details and the information about sculptures, fossils and galleries of my local culture and traditions through online. Moreover, museums are not being visited by natives due to poor maintenance by lack of funding from bureaucrats which results they are getting it to know by the internet.
    To conclude, I firmly agree that museums are the best place to learn about our ancient survivals and endangered species which cannot offer by the internet.

  3. Due to advancement of technology people’s life become more easier and internet facility is most convenient becuse of it everything is to fast and it is good source of entertainment .some individual believe that most information about culture and history is available on internet and no need of museums .I personally agree with it , my point of view I will discuss in my further writing.

    To start with , when people see information on Internet any video ,pictures or read something ,then they do not need to pay extra for it ,they can see in that cost which they pay for internet connection or we can say it is totally free .secondly ,thay can see about culture on websites any time any where ,but if they want to see these places in real then they have to go on museums to explore it and sometimes it is far from home or city so They have to travel for watching it but those people do job to earn bread and butter for their family ,it is impossible for them to see it that is why they often to gain knowledge about their culture from online websites.
    Furthermore, if people want to explore historical places then they have to go there ,and they have to pay for ,manytimes it is very costly because it prepare by government and government have to hire servents for cleaning and maintain the beauty of that place ,that is obvious that every historical palce have littlebit or more charges because government have to pay to workers those are always stay there and government always spend that money which come from passengers to maintain the beauty of place .
    To conclude ,it can be said that in this modern era if people known about their culture that is enough for them although they gain information from in internet or museums it does not matter

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