Since Most Information About Culture And History Can Be Found Online, Museums Are No Longer Needed | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Since most information about culture and history can be found online, museums are no longer needed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

As technology is proliferating, a vast amount of information related to history and culture is available on the internet these days. Therefore, some people believe that museums are not necessary nowadays. However, this essay intends to explain why I strongly disagree with this ideology.

To begin with, museums are the most informative places to visit to experience the authenticity of cultural and historical beliefs. Due to the physical items / artefacts on display, visitors tend to feel more connected to the information they are depicting. In the Mughal museum located in Agra, for instance, there is a magnificent display of dresses and jewelry of Mughal emperors and empresses and they transport the viewer to the Mughal era. So, although online information is enormous in quantity, it cannot match the quality of experience the museums provides.

In addition, by protecting the remains related to history or culture, the young generation learns the importance of preserving the legacy of their ancestors. This is crucial for maintaining a long-lasting connection with the roots of an ethnicity or group and the upcoming generations. For example, if a group of school children explores a museum displaying fossils of dinosaurs, they are more likely to get fascinated by them and become more knowledgeable than if they read about the same on internet. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the trend of going to museums rather than searching for information on the internet.

To conclude, although it is convenient to extract cultural and historical information from the web, museums are still vital for preserving the legacy and to enjoy physical experience related to art, culture or history.

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