Should children be working? | Band 8 essay sample

This essay is merely provided as a sample. It was submitted by one of our students and may contain mistakes.


In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people feel that this is completely wrong; however, others support this because they feel that it provides valuable work experience. What is your opinion on this?


Work ethic is a value that has to be instilled in a child’s moral code so that he may embrace the ways of success. However, it is imperative for us that we distinguish between a mere summer job and child labor. Thus, I ought to establish the definition of both.

As far as I think, when a child works a full time job so as to provide himself and his family, this is regarded as child labor. As for a summer job, it can be defined as a job with very limited working hours. In this case, a child retains all his rights such as education and welfare.

In many countries, children, as young as ten, are encouraged to work for at least the period of the summer vacations. Parents believe that in order to prepare their children for the real world, it would be best for them to gain exposure to the real world through a job.

As far as a mere summer job is concerned, it offers a child an invaluable lesson in taking responsibilities and respect for authority. Such an opportunity maybe considered as a mere practical lesson, but it may have the potential to reveal child’s capabilities and skills. Hence, it can help a child’s guardians to discover his hidden talents.

In conclusion, a summer job can be extremely beneficial for a child; however, guardians must be careful not to cross the line that separates between the definition of a summer job and child labor.


This is a good essay. It covers the task. The arguments are valid and convincing. There are some grammar mistakes here and there; however, the student has managed to write several grammatically correct sentences. Overall, this seems to be a band 8 essay.

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