Shopping Has Become More And More Popular As a Leisure Activity

Shopping is become more and more popular as leisure activity. However, some people feel that this has both positive and negative effects? Why is shopping so popular? What effects does its popularity have on individuals and on society?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The trend of shopping as a leisure activity has emerged in recent times. Nowadays, people spend their free time either in shopping malls or on e-commerce websites. This essay will discuss various causes and effects of this development on individuals and the society.

To embark on, there are several reasons why shopping has become a popular activity. First and foremost, the majority of companies give different kinds of offers and discounts on their products in order to attract customers. For example, it should be noted that big corporate houses tie-up with credit card vendors and banks. They provide many cash back offers on different products and sometimes they offer zero interest EMI schemes to lure consumers. As a result, people get mini loans without interest rates and this encourages them to buy products even if they do not need them. In addition to this, it can be seen that many e-commerce websites use data analytics techniques to know about the preferences of people and then they show advertisements of various offers on that particular product to attract customers. For instance, Amazon, an online shopping website, records the pattern of customer shopping habits and then uses this information to lure them into buying more.

People are becoming shopaholic. This development has affected the society positively and negatively. It should be noted that this trend has increased the number of sales and profits of companies which in turn lead them to open new factories and warehouses to meet the increasing demands. As a result, people get more job opportunities.

On the flip side, due to over shopping people are facing unnecessary burdens of debt. They spend a big chuck of their earnings to pay off personal loans and EMIs. Consequently, they have no money to save.

To conclude, I personally feel that people are addicted to shopping and they buy even products they do not want and put undue pressure on themselves. Corporate houses are grabbing the hard earned money of individuals by using smart marketing strategies and becoming richer.

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