Shopping Has Become A Favourite Pastime For Many Young People | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Shopping has become a favourite pastime for many young people. Why is this the case? Should they be encouraged to spend their free time in a better way?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Young people like to go shopping frequently, and it has become a fun/pleasurable activity for them. It is a necessary chore that needs to be performed, but it may become problematic when people overdo it. We need to find the reasons for this trend, and modify such behaviour if necessary.

The young generation is drawn towards shopping by advertisements on television, social media and billboards where they are bombarded with various products most of the time. The shopping places have changed drastically in the last couple of decades. They have almost everything that a youngster is attracted to like shops, movies, food joints, and games, and on top of that they are air conditioned. When young people, already influenced to buy products endorsed by movies and social media celebrities, enter such places they tend to stay longer and they cannot resist the temptation to buy more and more. Eventually they end up purchasing a lot. When they are appreciated by their peers for such items, and the products keep on becoming outdated frequently, they tend to go shopping again and again.

However, the thing which starts as a pastime may affect them in many ways. People who spend a lot of time in shopping malls are also more likely to buy unnecessary things. When this becomes a habit, they will land themselves in financial difficulties. When they cannot afford to buy the latest gadget that their friend or colleague possesses, they may start borrowing money. When borrowing is not an option, they might resort to illegal ways to earn money. Also, excessive shopping leads to the generation of a lot of waste. This hurts the environment and hastens the depletion of precious natural resources. For this reason, it is essential to encourage them to indulge in more useful activities.

To conclude, like many things in life, excessive shopping too can be bad for the youngsters. They need to indulge in alternative pleasurable activities and rather than wasting all the time in malls.

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