Senior School Students Should Learn A Wide Range Of Subjects | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that older school children should learn a wide range of subjects to acquire more knowledge, while other people believe they should learn a small number of subjects in detail. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Some people insist that schools should offer comprehensive education which covers a variety of subjects, but others opine that studying a small range of subjects in depth gives students more benefits.

On the one hand, comprehensive education helps realise students’ interests and potentials. Comprehensive education offers students a wide range of subjects, from which they can easily find out where their interests and potentials are.
Students, especially senior school students, have to choose what to study at university so it is necessary for them to identify their true interests and goals. For example, if students have learned both science and arts subjects, they could easily decide whether they should choose biology or sociology as their majors at university.

On the other hand, senior students who study specific subjects in depth stand a better chance of finding a good job. Learning specific subjects in detail can help students develop specific skills, which are essential for finding a job. More specifically, the student who is studying Java or C++ subjects deeply will have a higher chance of getting hired as a software engineer than their counterparts who just study general science courses.

On balance, for the comprehensive development of students, the school should not only provide a well-rounded education, but also offer a few elective subjects for students to develop in-depth knowledge. For example, in China, most public senior high schools provide students with the N+1 model, which means various foundation subjects plus one specific subject. This model helps students find their interests as well as develop the skills needed for job search. This model has been awarded as one of the most successful education models in China.

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