Scientists Have Been Warning For Many Years About Environmental Protection And How Important It Is To Limit Our Energy Consumption | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Scientists have been warning for many years about environmental protection and how important it is to limit our energy consumption. What are the causes of over-consumption of electricity? How can people be encouraged to use less electricity?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is indeed true that researchers have been issuing warnings about the importance of reducing our energy consumption and protecting the environment. While there are some reasons for the excessive consumption of electricity, I believe that people can be motivated to use less electricity by spreading awareness.

One of the main reasons for the over-consumption of electricity is the advancement of technology. Most of the electrical appliances such as AC, washing machine and microwave are available at low-cost, so everyone can easily afford them. Also, these products make our life more convenient and comfortable; therefore, people have become more dependent on these and overuse electricity. Another reason for over usage of electricity is that every member of the family needs their own space. That is why everyone needs their room; thus, the number of electrical appliances in a house increases many folds with this trend. For instance, if there are five members in a family, they all will need a sperate AC, fan and TV. As a result, the usage of electricity increases with the increment in the number of electrical products. 

People can be encouraged to buy products depending on the power consumption star rating mentioned on them. If a product has more star rating, it will consume less electricity. For instance, an AC with three star rating consumes two units in an hour whereas a five star AC consumes only one. In this way, people can decrease the over utilisation of electricity. Apart from that government can make people aware of the importance of conserving electricity by advertising and conducting campaigns about the depletion of natural resources used to produce electricity and also the side effects of emission of harmful gases to the environment that electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners emit.

In conclusion, even though people overuse electricity as most of the electrical products are cheaply available, I believe that by making people aware and providing substitutes to the appliance that use more power, we can motivate people to use less electricity.

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  1. Keyur Patel says:

    In the modern world, the image (photograph or film) is becoming a more powerful way of communicating than the written word.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Mam, can you tell me band score of this essay.

    It is indispensable that medium of communication between people have been changing since last 2 decades. In the fast pace world, the most attractive and powerful method of communication is done by pictures as compared to written materials. Although written words are an important for communication, in my opinion, I completely agree with that visual media has become the most popular communication method.

    To embark on it, there are multifarious reasons why images are effective a way of communication. First and foremost, they have better visualising power and less time consuming. What I mean, owing to advanced electronic gadgets, everyone has a good quality of camera in their smartphones. Therefore, people want to capture their loving moments of life with one click rather than describing whole details into diary. And they can easily visualise their best memories by watching photographs that they have taken. Another is, images have power to make information interesting. For example, images are now used in the textbooks of children and also add short films regarding any history events. So, they can promptly understand any topics and subjects. As a result, children can remember the information for a longer period of time and make study more interesting than ever before.

    Moreover, movies provide us a way to gain knowledge with entertainment. In other words, historical events are hard to remember via reading history books; however, films can make it more interesting. For instance, Bajirao Mastani movie has helped people to understand history of Marathas. This film was blockbuster on the box-office and gave knowledge about our past with entertainment. Furthermore, humans are always attracted towards visual media. Most the people are now preferred to watch news on TV media rather than reading a newspaper. Above mention reasons persuade us power of images or movies in the communication.

    In conclusion, communication medium in the form of images and videos are effective and efficient for conveying people. Thus, I believe that power of visual media is the most powerful than written documents.

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