Scientists Have Been Warning For Many Years About Environmental Protection And How Important It Is To Limit Our Energy Consumption | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Scientists have been warning for many years about environmental protection and how important it is to limit our personal energy consumption. What are the causes of the over-consumption of electricity? How can people be encouraged to use less energy?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Scientists have been advising people to limit their consumption of energy so that environmental degradation can be reduced. There are several reasons why electricity is being over-consumed; however, given the worsening situation of the environment, the government should motivate people to use it less.

People overuse electricity due to numerous reasons. Firstly, owing to the fast paced life, people want everything right away. For example, people these days use big machines to produce a lot of products at one time, use microwaves to quickly heat up the food and air conditioners to instantly cool down the room. Although people know how much devastation these appliances cause to nature, they use them to save time and for the sake of comfort. Another reason driving the consumption of electricity is the fact that almost every household has unlimited access to it.

In that case, people use electricity according to their affordability and budget instead of their need. It is generally seen that the richer the person, the higher the electricity bill. Nevertheless, the governing bodies ought to take some steps to check this alarming issue. First and foremost, the government should make people aware of the importance of conserving energy by roping in environmentalists, renowned personalities and non-profit organizations working to conserve the environment.
For instance, as people take the messages of their favorite celebrities seriously, they will implement their advice to their day to day life. Moreover, the government should fix an upper limit for electricity consumption. In this way, people would start considering electricity a vital asset and use it in accordance with their requirement.

In conclusion, I restate that environment has been deteriorating at an alarming rate because of the availability of excess of electricity and people’s fast paced life. However, the government had better manage this issue by taking certain steps.

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